Bryan Gorrita, Real Estate Broker and Business Coach, Shares his Success Story with the World

Bryan Gorrita gets real about what entrepreneurship is about: hard work and sacrifice. “I realized very early on that in order to earn the right to be called an entrepreneur you must be willing to personally sacrifice everything to reach your goals,” Bryan Gorrita says. He learned this so early because he watched his father start his own business, and Gorrita has closely followed.

Bryan Gorrita is a real estate broker for his high-end luxury real estate team. He’s also the co-founder of two thriving companies called BAR Agency and FITPRO Agency which helps to identify, develop and expand clients’ businesses and professional brands. Unlike other entrepreneurs, Gorrita says being an entrepreneur isn’t all “glitz and glamor.” Entrepreneurship is about using your time wisely and working hard.

Working hard is how Bryan Gorrita developed an exceptional real estate team — one that has the slogan, “We make it easy.” Their slogan reflects their hard-earned reputation for smooth transactions. “We provide white glove concierge service for our clients within the real estate space. We are known for making very smooth and efficient transactions possible in complex multi-layered environments,” Gorrita says. It’s quite the feat in the real estate industry, as one tiny bump can make the cart fall off the tracks in a transaction.

Bryan Gorrita’s solid work ethic combined with the right mindset has set him apart from the others. He emphasizes just how important mindset is: “Mindset is everything. It is the difference between making 50k a year to 1 million a year. Many people downplay their mindset and believe that it’s all junk. Before you embark on your journey you must already believe it before you start,” he says.

It’s true. Bryan Gorrita didn’t get where he is today just by following what others did. Sure, there is an element of that but what matters is the thought behind the action. It’s what keeps you going when times get tough. They got pretty tough for Gorrita. It was just before he graduated with his undergraduate degree that the house he and his family were renting was sold. His family split up, living with close friends or relatives. “While sleeping in my friend’s garage, I made a personal declaration to myself that I nor my family will never be placed in this situation ever again as long as I live,” Gorrita says.

That’s when he got into real estate. He had his eyes wide open, looking for an in. There was a growing need in Miami: “[I realized] the massive unmet need in the luxury and commercial real estate market in Miami due to the influx of people/corporations moving to south Florida that needed a broker that was well versed in the market,” Gorrita says. He found that niche and decided to jump on it.

Bryan Gorrita now wants to help other entrepreneurs find their niches and pursue their dreams. With his business partner, he just released a course. It includes lessons that will help entrepreneurs develop their brands so they can make more money. While he has thousands of followers on Instagram, he can now help them more officially. Aside from coaching and mentoring, Bryan Gorrita will focus on real estate syndication in the future. He’ll keep true to his advice as he ventures along:

“This path of entrepreneurship is hard and it’s not for everyone, and as you go through your business, you’ll quickly realize that if it’s going to happen it’s up to you to make it happen, and no one else,” Bryan Gorrita says.

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