Meet Nikki Fogden-Moore, The Buddha in the Boardroom

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In today’s modern world, the opportunities are greater than ever – but so are rates of overwhelm and burnout in business.

Mental health and mindset courses are now a billion-dollar industry. So why aren’t we getting any better?

According to Global Business Coach and Author Nikki Fogden Moore, the problem is that we’re all fixated on solutions when we should be focused on prevention:

“The way we approach business as a society is not working. We’re still running on a 1960s hard drive in a 2023 landscape! We don’t need a solution to overwhelm and exhaustion. We need a rewiring to make sure we don’t get there in the first place.”

Nikki is something of a unicorn in a highly saturated market, offering a road map to help modern leaders get back in the driver’s seat in their business and their life, based on 25 years of experience.

Not only is Nikki a high-performance leadership coach, but she is also a mentor, author, podcaster, and is a firm believer in giving back.

Nikki uses her 25 years of business expertise to write all of her own IP and deliver quantum coaching for extraordinary leaders around the world. She focuses on conscious decision-making and true accountability. She’s not afraid to tell you the hard truth to help you overcome your barriers.

Combined with her years of experience in health and wellbeing – she was previously the Head Trainer at Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine – she is a one-of-a-kind cheerleader to have in your corner.

It’s no wonder her clients refer to her as their secret weapon!

Nikki Fogden Moore is focused on making the world a little bit better when working with her clients, helping them move from overwhelm to sustainable success: healthy, wealthy, and wise, in and out of the boardroom – aligning people, purpose and profit..

“People aren’t commodities or transactions. I believe that the world’s worth should be handled by people with good values. Once you are aligned with yourself, you no longer have competition. It’s a powerful place to be.”

Nikki doesn’t just teach you to be the CEO of your business – you will also become the CEO of your life. And she doesn’t work with just anyone:

“My clients are highly successful, driven, and ambitious – they’ve already ‘made it’ in some capacity. Usually they have done a lot of coaching or self education in the past. They are ready to do something different, to create radical change with fast results. More than anything, they are good people who deserve to do well because of their hard work and genuine approach.”

Coaching is a huge responsibility. Anyone can take a 10-week course, call themselves a coach and start working with clients.

Nikki Fogden Moore has been coaching and offering leadership retreats since the early 2000s and takes guardianship over her clients very seriously.

“When you work with leaders, you work with their staff and with their families. It all trickles down, so it’s a huge responsibility. There’s so much focus on employee well-being – that has to also be there for those who start businesses. I’m here to be a navigator and support for the risk-takers and decision-makers; the ones who are willing to put everything on the line. My coaching is a safe space for great leaders to shine.”

Alongside corporate programs, online courses, her books and retreats, Nikki deliberately offers a very boutique style of coaching. She only has 12 spots available per year and maintains this is a vital area of what she loves to do in her work.

But she knows that the value she has to offer needs to be shared with as many people as possible, and needs to be accessible on a global scale for any budget. That is why Nikki has decided to create an app.

Working hand in hand with VITALITY, FITPRENEUR and RADICAL SELF BELIEF – her latest book on how to navigate the rally of life for sustainable success – the courses and content will soon be available on a dedicated app, along with her free content, podcasts, quotes, and videos.

“I’ve created the app to give more people access to my revolutionary style of coaching. The app is your holistic hub for everything I have to offer – and to stop you from feeling overwhelmed, you can access only what you are ready to apply. You will literally have Nikki in your pocket!

You can also sign up to receive Nikki’s Monday Mojo’s, personally written and straightforward tips, guides, and “best of’s” to help fun and fortune flow in your life and your work in abundance.

So, if you’re ready for self-mastery and to make permanent change quickly, Nikki is the revolutionary leadership coach you’ve been waiting for.

Find out more about Nikki Fogden-Moore and her books, coaching, Monday Mojo’s, and app, at

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