Creating a Culture Beyond Anxiety and Stress

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The importance of culture within a business is something many people are starting to see as more and more important especially when it comes to productivity.

The importance of emotional health and well-being is also attributed to an increase in staff retention and productivity.

We spoke with Cat Saunders an expert in mindset and NLP who coaches and mentors’ people within this space to gain some insights into what can help increase productivity and emotional health.

We asked Cat why is emotional health so important for people in business?

“Emotions are the 1 thing we all have and if you have emotional pressures, this is cause for massive distraction m the workplace as it will take up the majority of your thinking/attention until it is resolved. 

Some people may use their work as a distraction from emotional pressures and whilst this may feel good in the moment, we all know that this is short-lived and often may make the underlying factors increase in how their symptoms present, leading towards increased feelings of stress, fatigue, anxiety, and other health issues.”

Cat Continues “A business or organisation is only as good as the people within it. Whilst it’s important for organisations to understand this and grow from within, it is the responsibility of each individual to identify when self-care is needed – this is very evident with the self-employed and entrepreneurs. When you have a supportive work environment and each of the individuals within that space actively put their emotional health first in a productive way the ripple effects can be profound, both in the individuals’ life but also in the productivity and results they can achieve in business”.

And whilst business has changed so much over the past 2 decades with some industries no longer existing, with the introduction of AI (artificial intelligence), digitalisation, automation and in light of the past 2 year of pandemic many people now work from home – There are a number of work conditions and settings that increase workers’ experiences of stress, and increase the risk for workers to develop a mental illness, most commonly anxiety or depression.

Cat says “Some of the common factors people are looking for help with is trying to find the balance. It can be a difficult time trying to work from home whilst home-schooling. It may be that they’re still trying to ‘return to normal post-pandemic yet are still trying to process the emotional stress and isolation they may have experienced during that challenging period. I still see a lot of anger masking the sadness people experienced and of course, this will influence productivity with their work. When we experience such a loss of predictability and stability with our environments being home life, family life and how you traditionally would show up for work, this loss of “knowing” what is ahead creates stress within your body. 

Cat goes on to say “the link between the body and emotions is really strong and how you feel will have an effect on all aspects of your life, both physically and emotionally, and it’s when these areas are operating from the fight or flight response due to the lack of predictability which is what provides you with the feeling of safety, this begins to effect the relationships you have from your intimate, personal and includes professional relationships too. Then the ripple effect of this reaches productivity levels and when it reaches the communication levels and how you interact with others, it can spread rapidly and therefore have a massive effect on your business and its culture.”

So, what can people do to either prevent this or rectify these circumstances should they have already been able to identify them unfolding?

“Firstly, it’s important to see the power in observing and acknowledging that there is an area to work through. It is only when you are aware of something that you have the power to do something about it.

Then it’s important to embrace the courage it can take to make change. Human beings don’t like change as it’s the unknown, however, if the known is a space that causes you to feel anxiety or stress, whilst the concept of change may at first appear to be scary or uncomfortable as it is unknown, often as soon as you allow yourself to see what’s just under the surface, you quickly find that allowing yourself to let go the frustration, tension and negative feelings that have been bubbling away underneath, heal and close that chapter so as to speak, there is a feeling of emotional freedom and therefore relief from the anxiety and stress.” Cat suggests the following 

  1. Be kind to yourself and appreciate you have been through a tough time that has been felt globally – you are not alone despite how it may appear at times
  2. Make small shifts daily. Often people try and do everything all at once resulting in overwhelm or simply giving up. Each small step you take can make a massive difference in your results.
  3. Reach out to someone qualified who can help you individually or at an organisational level

Cat Saunders
 is a registered and Master Qualified NLP, Hypnosis & Timeline Therapist helping people globally break through and live a life that not only inspires others but inspires themselves with the impact they create.

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