Elon Musk is the best thing to Ever Happen Twitter & Here’s Why

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“Twitter will be dead within a week”, “With Twitter going downhill” & “How Elon Musk could actually kill Twitter”.

In the past week, there have been a lot of articles circulating about Twitter’s impending demise. Some say that it will be dead within a week, while others claim that it is already on its way downhill. So what is the real story? Is Twitter really in trouble?

I’m sure you’ve seen these on your feeds. These statements are popping up everywhere.

The fact is, Twitter was haemorrhaging $4,000,000 every single day before Musk took over, and now it’s not.

Over the last week, Twitter has added 1,600,000 daily users, an all-time high. Pretty impressive!

Do you know how much Tesla spends on advertising every year?

Absolutely nothing.

Musk is the only advertising tool they use.

The old major stakeholder, Jack Dorsey admitted growing Twitter to a stage where he was incapable of controlling it.

There’s no doubt that Jack Dorsey is a visionary leader. He had a big vision for both Twitter and Square from the very beginning, and he’s been able to successfully turn those visions into reality. Both companies are now major players in their respective industries, and there’s no question that Dorsey deserves a lot of credit for that. 

However, some have criticized Dorsey for being too hands-off when it comes to running his companies. He spends a lot of time travelling and working on other projects, which means that he’s not always available to make day-to-day decisions or deal with unforeseen problems. This can be problematic for a company that needs strong leadership at the top in order to function properly. 

Musk rolls in, delists the company’s stock, axes nearly 4000 jobs and tells staff that they can no longer work from home.

He’s making decisions that should’ve been made a long, long time ago. He’s not the bad guy here, Twitter is a business and needs to make money, which it wasn’t.

So what does this all mean? It means that Elon Musk is good for Twitter. The self-proclaimed “Chief Twit” is the best thing to ever happen to Twitter.  He’s a master of generating free publicity, he’s making tough but necessary decisions to turn the company around, and he’s already starting to see results. If you’re worried about Twitter’s future, don’t be; Elon Musk is here to save the day. Wait and see.

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