Meet George Samios, The Entrepreneur and Mortgage Broker Putting People First

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The businesses that rise to the top and make a real impact are the ones that aren’t afraid to do things differently.

That is exactly what entrepreneur, innovator, and influencer George Samios has done in his native Australia, disrupting the financial services industry to teach people how to achieve true wealth and freedom, through property with his company, Madd Loans.

George’s business journey began in 2011 after quitting his job at a major bank:

“I loved helping people with their personal finances, but I could only offer them one product. It felt wrong to say I was giving them the best option. Combined with a toxic working culture and unsupportive team, I realised I didn’t want my life to be like this forever.”

At just 23 years old, George decided to trust his gut and became an independent mortgage broker. This way, he could genuinely help people and find the right option for each individual, as he could access options from every bank.

At this point George set up Madd Loans – but the journey wasn’t easy. After leasing an office, buying equipment, and investing in exhibiting at a Home Show, his savings ran out very quickly.

“I had to back myself from Day One. It was challenging – my first commission didn’t come in until 11 months after the loan was approved. But guess what? That first customer is still with me to this very day.”

George’s approach to business has been very different to other mortgage brokers from the start.

By combining his experience in mortgage broking and financial planning, he created a proven formula that can teach anyone to build wealth through property.

And rather than keep it a secret, he is sharing all of his strategies and creating personal roadmaps for each Madd customer to achieve their own version of financial freedom.

“We genuinely want our customers to win – nobody else out there is teaching what we’re doing. When we all grow together, we all win together!”

Not only that, but George is obsessed with customer experience. By understanding each individual’s motivations and desires, he and the Madd team always stay one step ahead, suggesting actions and deals long before customers would think of them.

George’s attitude of giving is hidden within the business name – Making A Difference Daily:

“The more Madd continues to grow, the more we will give back to those who need it the most. We all deserve to have a good life experience.”

This has never been clearer than with the Madd Ball in November 2022 – a huge formal event that raised over $120,000 for the Children’s Hospital Foundation.

In the past 11 years, George has steered Madd Loans to achieve some incredible things, but George is most proud of the supportive culture he has created for his team.

“My people have to lead by example. How can they teach our customers how to build wealth and achieve financial freedom through property if they aren’t living the dream themselves? I’ve helped every member of my staff buy their own properties – one of the team now has a portfolio worth over $3 million.”

As a father of two with a third baby on the way, George leads with the attitude that family comes first. He is building an on-site childcare facility into the new Madd office, so his team never feel like they have to choose between work and the people that matter most.

This supportive, collaborative environment will remain a top priority as Madd continues to grow:

“We have huge potential to scale, but our culture needs to remain the same no matter how much our team size increases. The people always have to come first.”

So, what does the future hold for George Samios?

Well, things are only going to get better for Madd Loans:

“In the past two years, we have settled over $700 million in loans. This year, we are going to do $1 billion. We’re also planning on reaching 100 staff in the next few years and will soon be expanding nationally to teach as many people as possible in Australia our proven strategies for financial freedom.”

George is also keen to secure more speaking engagements, to teach others his strategies for success. Already a regular feature on Channel 7 News, he wants to take his expertise to the big stage. He is booked for several upcoming national conferences and will soon be delivering a TED talk on ‘How to Leverage Technology in the Brokerage Industry’.

Despite all his success, George is still incredibly humble and driven by that same passion for helping others that caused him to quit his job all those years ago.

“If I can do it, anyone can. I truly believe I was put on this planet to help people and make them feel good.”

George is the perfect example of what can be achieved if you are willing to put yourself out there and dare to do things differently. The future is bright for not only Madd loans but for this impressive entrepreneur too.

You can check out content from George Samios on building wealth through property and achieving financial freedom on YouTube.

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