How Ernesto Javier went from Unemployed to Millions in less than 5 Years

Ernesto Javier is a thriving real estate broker and investor operating out of Florida. Javier comes from a broken home where conflict between his family had grown to have a lasting effect on him mentally, to the point where he began being held back in school. Javier eventually ended up falling into the wrong crowd of friends and doing things like gambling, selling drugs, and massive debt. 

Javier decided that he needed a change which led him to move from Connecticut, down to Florida for a new start at the age of 23. Collecting unemployment, Javier very soon had one of two choices to make, move back home and continue his prior troublesome lifestyle or continue to find himself and purpose to live through in Florida with the hopes of actually finding a calling to live through. 

Fortunately, Javier decided to stay in Florida, “committed to working on my mindset through personal development, I started hanging around the people I wanted to become (Mentors), I accepted God as my Lord & Savior, I went to school to get my Real Estate license, which I got and later on went again to get my Real Estate Brokers license, I started wholesaling & flipping properties, which then led me to build a rental portfolio” Javier explains.

Javier learned that he could do anything he put his mind to, using the seriousness behind his situation to combat those issues that had plagued him for years as well as give him the drive to improve himself, and succeed for those he cares about and others like him. “Anything in life is possible, but it takes Desperation, Dedication, Determination, Consistency, and Commitment to have all your Dreams Come True,” Javier says.

Ernesto Javier is a man that came from struggle and hardship. Facing challenges that impeded him from start to finish, Javier learned to ebb and flow with his issues, using his experience in poverty and under privilege to overcome every obstacle in his way, effectively turning his tribulations into triumphs, and making millions along the way in just 5 short years of work.

To learn more about Javi and to follow him on his journey find him on Instagram, @javierinspiredme

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