Hustling Is In My DNA.

Stephanie Stoddart Fox 

Hustling is in my DNA; I was born an overachiever. For my entire life, I hustled my way to the top. Working fulltime, being the primary provider for my family, completing my MBA during pregnancy, and even pumping while taking care of patients was my normal flow. I rose quickly into a dental leadership role and began to choose work over family and myself. My life-long need for hustle and a drive for perfectionism were my constant companions. The ever-present voice in my head kept saying “don’t screw this up, your family depends on you” began to consume me. 

Shortly before the global pandemic, I suffered a miscarriage of my twins, and one of my sons broke my heart when he told me that I was late again for another dinner. This stung so much, I felt like I had failed as a mom.  Suddenly it all came crashing down and I broke. Increasing demands from my patients, overwork, toxic management, and working through lunch to meet demands finally came to a head. Dentistry was once my love and passion. I worked hard through school and received a full scholarship. I had put years and countless hours into refining my craft, I had given up everything for it, and now it was breaking me. I was disconnected from my family and myself.

While at my lowest point, I realized that if I kept going at this pace, my marriage would suffer, my children would resent me, and my health would be further compromised. It wasn’t until a family member who is a coach reached out to me asking if I needed help that I understood how forgone I was. Through what could only be explained as divine intervention she entered my life at the exact right time. While I tried to hide it, I knew everyone around me knew the truth and could feel it. I was not okay. In fact, I was far from it. God brought her into my life exactly when I needed it the most. For the first time in years, I felt seen and heard. I knew I could no longer sit by the sidelines and continue to let this happen to me or other female dentists. It was time for me to turn my pain into purpose and help other dentists and physicians going through similar situations. If I did this, so can you and if this resonates with you, know that there is hope.  

My mission is to EMPOWER through transformative coachingand consulting so that you can live your most FUFILLED and ABUNDANT life while ACCELERATING in your career. I teach my clients how to unlock their fullest potential, achieve optimal wellness, thrive both personally and professionally while driving revenue in their practices, and serving from their highest potential. 

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YOU Matter!

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