IceLink is More Than Just a Business  It’s Family

While following in her father’s footsteps, Suzy Sogoyan has taken the jewelry industry by storm. Starting work at sixteen-year-old at her father’s jewelry store, today she now works as the CEO of her own jewelry brand, IceLink. Through her innovative designs and business practices, she has taken the field to new heights.

IceLink is a jewelry company whose creations provide a distinguished and extraordinary aesthetic. Each piece of jewelry transcends beauty, all unique in their own way. From modern minimalism to glitzy glamor pieces, everyone can find something at IceLink that caters to their unique personality and personal style.

Suzy and her father have demonstrated their creativity in the design of their timepieces, making them a source of admiration for many jewelry enthusiasts. The craftsmanship in the design of the jewelry from IceLink stands out from the rest – with unique color combinations of sleek blacks to add drama, whites paired with rose gold gears for subtle sophistication, and even six different faces representing vibrant individuality. 

From creating small and intricate pieces, like a gold band with a few diamonds on it, to something big and eye-catching, like a ring with a cabochon ruby on it, IceLink has options for everyone. Suzy says, “My objective for managing IceLink isn’t just because of my love and enthusiasm for jewelry and watches; it is also about creating with purpose and using my talent and artistry to connect with others.” 

IceLink’s philosophy is simple: success comes from more than just turning a profit. The company, founded by Suzy and her father, is built on the ideals of personal integrity and moral transparency. They are passionate about giving back to the community and operate with the goal of building long-term relationships rooted in trust, respect, and authenticity. Whether you’re a customer or part of the IceLink family, you can take comfort in knowing that your interactions will be based on these principles.

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