Is your business ready to take centre stage?

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Keith Wright – Founder and Managing Director of K Wright Consultancy

Keith has a unique perspective on the world of theater, thanks to his wife who owns a thriving theatre school. Over the years, he has witnessed the behind-the-scenes action, from supporting shows backstage to even performing himself!

As a licensed chaperone, his responsibilities include the safety and well-being of the young actors, making sure they are on and off stage at the right time. But the process of putting on a show goes far beyond the performances you see on stage.

Behind every successful show lies months of meticulous planning and preparation that often goes unnoticed by the audience. Surprisingly, the parallels between running a successful business and the world of theatre are uncanny, and Keith wants to share these insights with fellow business owners. Here are his 7 lessons:

1. Assemble a stellar team: Just like a director needs a talented cast and crew, a successful business relies on a great team. From directors to technicians, everyone plays a vital role in achieving success. Surround yourself with individuals who share your vision and bring unique skills to the table.

2. Define roles and responsibilities: Clarity is essential. Clearly define the responsibilities of each team member, assigning tasks such as prop management, rehearsal scheduling, and venue booking. Giving ownership and clear guidelines fosters a sense of purpose and accountability.

3. Mind your props: In theatre, props are critical to the storytelling. Similarly, in business, having the right resources and tools in the right place is crucial for smooth operations. Ensure your team has the necessary resources and support to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

4. Practice makes perfect: Rehearsal is the backbone of a successful performance. Similarly, businesses that invest in continuous training and development empower their employees to consistently improve and excel in their roles.

5. Plan like a pro: Shows are not built in a day. Meticulous planning and attention to detail are essential for success. Just as launching a promotion without informing your sales team or customers would lead to chaos, businesses must plan meticulously for every aspect of their operations.

6. Communication is key: Theatre thrives on clear communication. Regular dialogue with your team, cast, and customers keeps everyone informed and aligned. When unexpected challenges arise, open communication enables quick adaptation and getting back on track.

7. Embrace the joy: Have you ever witnessed a performance where the cast radiates pure joy? Happy performers create a magical experience that resonates with the audience. Similarly, cultivating a positive work environment where your team enjoys what they do will translate into delighted customers.

So, the next time you attend a show, take a moment to appreciate the hidden elements at play. The magic of showtime extends far beyond the stage, and the lessons learned can inspire and transform your business.

Is your business ready to step into the spotlight?

Keith is the founder and Managing Director of K Wright Consultancya professional procurement firm. To connect with Keith visit

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