Joel Sandoval Spends Thousands of Dollars on Mentorship and Coaching to Build a 7-Figure CPA Firm

Achieving commercial success is no mean feat. There is a high risk of failure at the outset of any industry because everyone has to start somewhere. Every successful entrepreneur has a story of struggle and triumph that led to their current position. In this story, Joel Sandoval shares how he started his CPA firm from scratch and the sacrifices he had to make.

Joel Sandoval is a California native who spent his early years in the small town of Watsonville. Because of his parents’ success in the real estate industry, he followed in their footsteps. However, his career path became crystal clear after an encounter around 2007-2008, when there was a devastating housing crash, and everyone started to lose their homes in foreclosure. His encounter was with the certified public accountant of the title firm he worked in with his mother as an escrow assistant. In their conversation, she mentioned that she had a stable and secure job, although they were in a recession. Then he thought, “since I have always had a passion for numbers, why not consider this?” So he did thorough research and decided it was accounting for him.

After earning a degree in Business with a concentration in Accounting from California State University, where he finished with distinction, he worked as an accountant for a while. As an accountant, he earned six 6-figures but eventually had to give that up to start his own CPA firm. 

To start Sandoval Tax, Joel had to learn everything he could about business management, despite being already an expert with numbers. He knew next to nothing about self-promotion, team expansion, or infrastructure development. But this was not enough to deter him. At first, he focused on bettering himself. Books about business, systems, operations, and marketing were among his most frequent reading material choices.

Joel also spent several thousand dollars on coaching and mentoring to become the successful businessman he is today. He advises aspiring businessmen and women to “invest in coaching and mentorship. However, do your due diligence because I’ve been burned in the past. But, if you do your research, the right coach and mentor will pay dividends and multiples that you can’t even imagine.” 

Joel’s success in business results from his hard work, wise investments, and his parents’ influence. It makes sense to have invested heavily in his personal development because it yielded him a top seven-figure accounting firm in California. Though it is physically located in Bakersfield, California, Sandoval Tax is an online tax and accounting firm that offers monthly accounting services to business owners in all fifty states in the US. 

The firm’s commitment to its clients, meticulous attention to detail, and years of experience have helped it rise to the ranks of the best CPA practices in California. Their expertise is in advising companies and organizations on financial, auditing, and accounting issues. Sandoval Tax has helped its clients save over 37 million dollars in taxes over the past five years.

“Success to me means freedom to do what you want, when you want,” Joel said when asked to define success. In a short period, Joel Sandoval has gone from being unsatisfied with his job to being the CEO of a seven-figure accounting firm with room to expand into new markets. By taking a chance on his family and his career and investing heavily in coaching and personal development, Joel has established himself as a true titan in his field, with an unmistakable knack for getting things done. With a burning desire to encourage others to follow their dreams, Joel launched a podcast called “Believe in the Entrepreneur.”

Given his extensive history of success and steady advancement, it’s safe to say that Joel is a highly accomplished CPA. If you want to know more about Joel Sandoval, follow him on Instagram at @joelsandovalcpa.

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