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Petar Neykov is a top digital marketer with a talent for expanding brands and building successful businesses. According to Petar, when he began his career, he knew that he wanted to build something that would make him independent and feel fulfilled enough to wake up in the morning excited for the day ahead. He started his journey working for two US Tech giants, with the intention of launching his own venture between the draining night shifts. He didn’t have much money to invest, but he had a lot of determination, grit, and a willingness to learn. As you would expect, it wasn’t all smooth sailing – there were a lot of late nights, a lot of learning, and moments of self-doubt but in the end, he made it! Petar launched his first start-up Primal Fitness at 22 years old and made 10K in sales in the first month. Since then, he managed to build a community with more than 24K followers in two years. He realized that marketing was the path for him, and he started to wonder – how could he develop his marketing skills further.

Petar started growing his LinkedIn network and initiating meetings with successful professionals in the industry. He met many incredible people who were happy to exchange experiences and knowledge. Petar took part in different projects from start-ups to marketing agencies and industry leaders gathering any piece of knowledge they could offer. Today, heuses the knowledge and experience to help entrepreneurs successfully launch their new ventures.

“I believe marketing should feel like a conversation, not a sales pitch. It’s all about authenticity!”

Petar believes that finding your place in such a dynamic industry as marketing is possible only if you use your creativity not only in your marketing strategies but in your own development as well. Diving head-first into the world of marketing may seem too risky or even crazy, but if you are passionate, dedicated, and ready to learn from your mistakes – things always work out.

It’s amazing how taking a chance on yourself can change the course of your life. Petar hopes his story inspires you to take that leap of faith and pursue your passions. Remember, it’s never too late to try something new!

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