Manifest More Business Growth with an Abundance Mindset

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Daniel Mangena is an individual who lives in abundance. Spreading knowledge and wisdom on receiving abundance in all areas of life. Dan keynotes globally on the very subject and it is not rare to find him on back to back podcasts on this very subject.

Dan says:

“If you want more growth to manifest itself in your business, you need to start with your mindset. Are you someone who makes cutbacks to increase profitability? Or do you focus on maximizing your value and being of service?

If you’re a business owner of any size, a soul trader, or even if you’re employed by somebody else; you’re probably not optimistic about your growth over the coming months. Spiraling energy costs and the ensuing inflation appear to make for a very uncertain future. 

Households and businesses have been given a stark lesson in the nature of inflation, ‘just in time’ supply chains and geopolitics. 

We’re coming out of the worst, global pandemic in centuries. The accrued, collective debt from the governmental responses to which, is going to impact us generationally. We’ve got war in Europe for the first time since 1945, with energy production being used as a weapon against allies of Ukraine. Climate change, whether man-made or not, is wrecking parts of the world that we in the West rely on for manufacturing. 

And your business had nothing to do with it (probably).

With all these external factors impacting your bottom line then, why should you listen to someone suggesting that the solution lies within your mindset? 

What could mindset possibly have to do with mitigating the effects of unforeseen global emergencies?

Everything, and here’s why: your business is an extension of yourself. 

When I say “your business” that applies to everyone, not just people who own a registered company. Even if you work a 9-5 for someone else, you still engage in business. You’re selling your time and/or expertise in something. 

How you conduct yourself, in all areas of your life, starts within and reflects back to you. It informs your reality.  

Here’s an example : let’s say you get a bad night’s sleep. You get out the ‘wrong side’ of the bed and from then on, your day goes badly. The traffic to the office gets your blood boiling. Your colleagues pester you all day, so you don’t get anything done. That deal falls through and so on…

All of this conspires to make you feel under-resourced, unlucky, and mired in a feeling of ‘lack’. 

Your emotional state is the filter through which you viewed, and interpreted, those events. 

Now consider the opposite scenario: you get a full eight hours of glorious sleep. You bound out of bed early, hit the gym and get to work full of energy. All of the events that transpire are then same, but their impact on you is totally different. You feel resourced and able to tackle them. 

The same is true if you want to manifest more growth in your business. 

I mean…what are we really talking about here anyway? “Manifestation” per definition is when something becomes apparent to you. Health issues “manifest” when they reach a stage of becoming symptomatic. The experience of achieving a goal manifests when all of your planning and congruent actions are sufficiently applied. 

This all starts with your mindset and that’s why itmust be an abundant one. You cannot tackle the big issues from a space of lack. Your business is not going to grow if you, the decision maker, are starting from a place of being under-resourced. You’ll just be looking at things as a zero-sum game, concerning yourself more with cutbacks than growth. 

So, what does it take to cultivate an abundant mindset?

My best piece of practical advice to you on this, is to find ways to remain in the present moment. It’s so easy to become mentally dragged off course by what’s going on. 

I’m sure you’ve been there: unable to focus on the task in front of you, finding yourself lost in thoughts about the future, or reliving the past. You can get stuck there for a long time, can’t you? Probably to the point that, when you snap out of it; you’ve no idea how much time has actually passed. 

All you’ve done is project yourself into a time and space that doesn’t exist. 

What change can you effect from a past that is gone, or an assumed future that isn’t here yet? The only place from which to make change and take positive decisions, is the present. 

That is all that is real after all. 

So go out and find the practices that work best for you, in order to bring your awareness back to the present moment. That could be meditation, guided visualizations, breath work…whatever. They’re all equally valid as long as they do the job of shutting out the voice in the back of your head and bringing your consciousness to what is directly in front of you. 

Once you are totally present, you’ll be able to see yourself in as an objective light as is possible. We can never be purely objective about our reality, but we can come close enough. 

With enough experience and training of your mind to look for evidence to support this, you’ll be able to see all the resources that are at your disposal. The more you do this, the more evidence you will be feeding to your subconscious that, come what may; you have all you need in order to handle it. 

In other words: “abundance”. 

The natural state of the universe is abundant. If you doubt that, then perhaps you can tell me where the edge of the universe is? We exist in infinite space (or at the very least: more well than we can possibly comprehend). So why do we insist on placing limits on ourselves? 

If you want more growth to be manifest in your business, you need to start from a place that says: “I am abundantly resourced, infinitely capable and supported in my journey.” 

Not only that, but you also need to be showing yourself evidence of this regularly. It might feel like you have to force it to begin with. Overcoming that inertia of an intransigent subconscious mind is always the hardest part (which is why so many give up). 

This is why I am such a big advocate of what I call ‘micro-shifting’.

Micro-shifting is about making personal change in baby steps that don’t cause anxiety or overwhelm. They push you edge, not your buttons and as a result create steady growth towards your goals. 

Micro-shifts aren’t just about taking tiny steps all the time though. They’re about taking what feel like tiny steps to you. Once your subconscious is comfortable with the notion that progress towards your goal is a safe and good thing, you’ll make bigger and bigger leaps forward. Each one feeling no harder than the first!

It doesn’t matter what the external factors are in the world, so long as you are able to deal with them in the present moment, as they are, from a mindset that knows you are resourced to deal with them.”

An abundant mindset.

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