Maximising Impact: The Two Lessons I Wish I Had Learned Earlier – Establishing the Decision Maker and Influencing Influential People

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Keith Wright is Founder and Managing Director of K Wright Consultancy, a procurement specialist firm.

Do you ever find yourself contemplating the possibilities that could have unfolded had you acquired certain essential skills earlier in life? Although Keith cannot rewrite his past, he is determined to help reshape the future for others. Two skills that continue to resonate with him are “establishing the decision maker” and “influencing influential people,” abilities he wishes he had honed earlier in his career.

In this compelling article, Keith plunges into the profound significance of these skills, unveiling their transformative potential in shaping both our personal and professional lives. Beyond merely enhancing communication and negotiation capabilities, they possess the remarkable capacity to empower us, enabling us to forge deep connections and skillfully navigate the intricate tapestry of social dynamics. By delving into these key areas, Keith aims to empower readers with the knowledge and tools necessary to thrive in the face of complex decision-making and influential personalities.

Establishing the Decision Maker

In the realm of decision-making, one skill reigns supreme: the ability to pinpoint the pivotal person or group responsible for making critical choices. With over three decades of experience as a seasoned procurement professional, Keith understands the profound impact of dealing with the right individuals from the outset. Regardless of the situation at hand, if it necessitates securing agreement from another party, it is imperative to invest the time and effort to fully comprehend the decision-making structure to ensure the realisation of your desired outcomes.

By astutely recognising the decision maker early on, we gain an unparalleled insight into the dynamics of power and can meticulously devise our approach. This detailed understanding not only increases the likelihood of being heard and taken seriously when presenting ideas or concerns but also allows us to navigate bureaucratic hierarchies, effectively circumventing unnecessary delays and roadblocks.

This considered approach also enables us to build relationships strategically. By identifying influential individuals who hold decision-making power, we can direct our efforts towards fostering connections with them. This can be particularly beneficial in professional settings, where networking and building alliances are crucial for career advancement. Recognising the decision maker helps us align our goals and actions, increasing the likelihood of positive outcomes in both personal and professional realms.

Influencing Influential People

In the world of influence, there exists an art – a skill that allows us to sway those who possess the power to shape opinions, make pivotal decisions, and mobilise resources. These individuals hold the keys to unlocking new opportunities, overcoming obstacles, and igniting transformative change.

To master the art of influencing influential people, we must first understand their motivations, interests, and values. Through meticulous research and active listening, we gain the ability to adapt our messages, crafting them in a way that deeply resonates with their priorities. Demonstrating unwavering empathy, credibility, and integrity, we strengthen our influence, rendering our arguments irresistibly persuasive.

Yet, building authentic relationships stands as a cornerstone in the realm of influencing influential people. By forging a bedrock of trust and mutual respect, we establish the foundation for effective collaboration and cooperation. Offering invaluable insights, extending positive support, and genuinely investing in their success, we nurture profound connections that transcend mere transactions.

By framing our ideas and proposals in a way that mirrors the shared benefits and long-term impact, we can intricately illustrate how our suggestions seamlessly align with their goals and vision, elevating the likelihood of their unwavering support and resolute buy-in.

So, wherever you are on your career journey, discover the transformative power of recognising the decision maker and mastering the art of persuasion through influencing influential people. Unleash your potential, unlock boundless opportunities, and drive positive change. And remember, it’s not just about the destination – it’s about the exhilarating and gratifying journey that awaits.

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