Personal Development is an Integral part of Business Success Says Business Consultant, Jean Louis Hardy

Business consulting typically consists of an expert sharing knowledge and insight on a particular topic, but for Jean Louis Hardy, consulting looks a little different. Hardy focuses on personal development with his clients first. He believes the key to a great business is self-awareness. Once they learn that, they can move on to the business side.

Jean Louis Hardy goes deep with his clients. He helps budding entrepreneurs and business owners new and old find their paths to success, and they get there through deep introspection.

“I wanted to be a minister but every time I wanted to go down that route I had such a hard time. I really felt like God was leading me to help people build their companies and make them profitable.” Hardy says.

He feels as though helping other business people is his true calling which makes sense because he’s incredibly successful in it. Hardy has helped grow companies thousands of dollars in just months and millions in less than two years. It’s his clients who have done the personal work on themselves to get there. Hardy teaches his clients about mindset:

“The ability to change your story around your mindset is the most critical part of being able to build your business. Essentially, what you have today is because of how you view the world, so as you change your mindset, [you] also change your reality. [When your reality changes,] you unlock the doors that you have never seen before, [but were always there.]” Jean Hardy says.

It’s about believing in yourself and figuring out your purpose. Hardy implements the HiPer mindset, which is short for high performance. The HiPer mindset can assist any entrepreneur to gain the clarity they need to perform without burnout. With a clear and focused mind, they’ll be able to grow their company to new heights. Business owners can achieve a limitless status – truly reaching their highest potential with the help of Jean Louis Hardy.

Personal purpose and business go hand in hand for Jean Louis Hardy. He suggests his clients practice deep work on themselves every single day, for at least 30 minutes. They will start to live truthfully and to their highest potential, and it’s at that point they will have the energy and clarity of mind to put their all into their businesses. Once Hardy’s clients have progressed in their personal development, they can talk more about marketing strategies.

Hardy works with business owners on their marketing strategies. Hardy advises them on strategic SEO to drive online traffic; he suggests and offers guidance on digital advertising (like pay-per-click such as Google ads); he offers email marketing strategies; he offers website enhancement tips (to generate leads and help with branding); Hardy even helps with videography and photography.

Jean Louis Hardy is passionate about all of it. Ultimately, success is “bringing people value and allowing them to go from where they are to where they want to be,” he says. Hardy truly loves connecting with folks and motivating their development – his over 10K followers on Instagram are a testament to that. Recently, Hardy has even created a powerful online course dedicated to teaching about mindset and marketing. He’s also bringing his consulting business online, so he can reach even more people, and inspire them to be the very best version of themselves.

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