Steven Hooley on the Underappreciation of Social Skills in Business

In business, there are often hundreds, or if not, thousands of constantly evolving aspects attached to what makes either new or old entrepreneurs efficient as well as gives them the most likely potential to consistently reach success. Tech and business consultant Steven Hooley believes that one skill that is not focused on enough in business is a well-honed sense of social skills.

Growing up as a prodigy in tech (sometimes even beingdescribed as a savant), Steven spent a lot of his time hyper-focused on learning everything that he could, as well as applying his education in a self-endorsed, practical sense by programming websites and reverse engineering computers. This hobby and soon turned lifestyle, would understandably give Steven little to no time to progress as well as peers socially.

Studying hard enough to go into college at the young age of 15, it would not be unfair to question Steven’s development withsocial skills or experiences outside of being in a competitive orexclusively intellectual environment. As Steven says himself “Technology became a much bigger theme in my life as I turned to it more and moreover the years. Struggling with many facets of social skills, I struggled to make and keep friends from a very young age. In fact, I experienced quite a bit of bullying.”  

Though as Steven began to develop his footing in the business world, he quickly realized that most of the career of entrepreneurship, consists of building meaningful long-term relationships with people and just general dialogue with others.

Steven Hooley had the unique experience of being able to come from a background where his life consisted primarily of being behind books and circuits to fully understanding that what makes a truly competent businessperson would be their ability to problem solve and effectively use social skills. Coming from an entrepreneur that had very little interest in being an extrovert, the idea that guys like Steven are still able to push themselves in an aspect of business that he was not particularly talented in from the get go speaks volumes on its importance.

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