Suzy Sogoyan Modelled Her Life After Her Father and Has Now Become a Force to Be Reckoned with in the Industry

Suzy Sogoyan started out in the jewelry industry by following in her father’s footsteps, but now she’s forging her own path. 

Suzy started helping out at her father’s jewelry store when she was only 16 years old. Now she’s taking on the challenge of running the business with a heart for helping others through it. Jewelry designer Suzy Sogoyan, CEO of IceLink, has taken the industry to new heights. She works with her father to create meaningful pieces of jewelry. However, her pieces are not ones to immediately get over because of how stunning they are. It could be something small and delicate, like a gold band with a few diamonds on it, or it could be something big and eye-catching, like a ring with a cabochon ruby on it. 

The timepieces that this father-daughter duo makes are also very impressive, with details like multiple dials on a single piece and gears and maps in the background. Both A-listers and regular folks can be seen wearing these items. “My objective for managing IceLink isn’t just because of my love and enthusiasm for jewelry and watches; it is also about creating with purpose and using my talent and artistry to connect with others,” Suzy said. 

Suzy Sogoyan works in this field because she values interpersonal interaction. She enjoys connecting with others and sharing her talent through her work. Her interaction with her followers, some of whom she calls “Suzy squad,” proves how much she loves to positively impact lives. As Suzy describes her squad, “these are the young, stylish, and chic women who know their worth and always strive to become better versions of themselves.” She not only motivates the women on her “Suzy squad” to improve themselves, but also her clients, partners, and competitors.

Suzy Sogoyan modeled her life after her father, Andy. She was inspired by his entrepreneurial drive. When they were both 16, they developed an interest in jewelry making. Although they shared a common interest, their paths to achievement diverged significantly. “As a woman working in a predominantly male field, I was frequently undervalued and had to overcome significant barriers before I could achieve success,” Suzy stated. Following her father’s intentions, she made the decision to never back down from a challenge, and she even created a symbol of courage in the form of a leather bracelet depicting a lioness. Strengthening and encouraging Suzy, the bracelet is a constant reminder of the need for perseverance.

Suzy Sogyan’s tenacity is the bedrock upon which her company rests. The longevity of IceLink’s name is proof of its reliability. Good and consistent branding, Suzy says, is the key to success. “You need a brand book,” Suzy declared. She analyzes the company’s strengths and weaknesses and takes the time to articulate the team’s core principles. She works hard to develop a brand identity by writing a backstory, establishing a tone, and crafting a visual identity for the business so that any customer who enters the store or checks out the website will immediately get a sense of the company’s mission: making connections.

Business is just business for many, but Suzy and Andy make it personal. Not only do they make genuine efforts to give back to the community, but they also do business honestly and openly. In other words, they are genuine and easy to get in touch with. Suzy and Andy keep in touch with the buyer through email and text message communication all through the transaction. Photos and regular updates are sent to family and friends. Since IceLink considers trust to be mutual, they welcome suggestions and criticisms from their customers. If you wear IceLink, you’re considered part of the family. Suzy asserts this through her unique and sincere approach to running a business.

To enjoy the joys of being a part of the “Suzy Squad,” follow Suzy Sogoyan on Instagram at @suzysogoyan.

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