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Australia — There’s a fresh face and energy in what can sometimes feel like a washed-out and faded piece of laundry (and we’re not talking about your favourite piece of denim from the ’80s)

Cat X Saunders is a Master NLP Coach, International Speaker and Wealth Creation expert.

Cat brings a beautiful, fresh, yet dynamic and powerful approach to her community and clientele.

Living in the outskirts of Melbourne which endured the harshest lockdowns during the pandemic the world has ever seen, Cat has been able to take her support and services online and now is helping clients on an international scale.

Cat says “During the pandemic, people felt isolated, and many needed to pivot and take their businesses online – some are still trying to transition. I have seen many people struggle to pivot, be it with their current business or even trying to get one started in the online space as it involves having to be seen.

Cat goes on to say “whilst many people, women, in particular, have amazing dreams and ideas, they are held back when it comes to putting themselves out there or even worse in business when it comes to believing they’re allowed or worthy to charge money for their quality services”.

I see the 2 sides – A woman with her most amazing offerings yet hides from sharing them with the world or she is trying so hard to get it out there that it’s like she vomits a sales pitch onto everyone she knows to buy her product, her service.

When we dove into Cat’s progression in business it’s been a natural progression or as she calls it “organic”

Cat has been helping people and growing her communities for decades and continues to build her empire as she now guides people in the online space on how to clear limiting emotions and beliefs from the past using neuro techniques whilst helping them call in the clients that value them and their services

Cat also shares that often when solopreneurs first start, they can try so hard to get off the ground that it can lead to exhaustion and a feeling of failure or not being good enough as they tried everything, they knew to get their business up and running but nothing seemed to work.

This is because they don’t know what they don’t know yet. When they become aware of what they don’t yet know, they can overcome the restrictions that are often deeper emotional blocks from the past than a lack of effort.
Often it is something from the past that continues to screw their future dreams and desires and the world is slowly becoming more aware of this with knowledge around PTSD being spoken about more. To suffer some or even possibly all the markers for PTSD doesn’t mean you have had to be in the armed services or similar. The sooner we can share and become aware of how our emotions affect every component of our decision-making and motivation the better – “I want to help women on a global scale grow, heal ancestral trauma and live a life that inspires not only others but more so themselves”.

Cat has recently had a TEDx Talk published sharing how emotions from the past can haunt you in your future “Is Your Life a Broken Promise?” Where she candidly shares her first-hand experience with emotions from the past.

Cat’s fresh energy and gentle neuro navigation fused with explosive power when it comes to shifting her clients’ outlook and businesses are comparable to the Fresh Mint in a Mojito as you sit in a location your mind, body and soul have been searching for and needs.

To learn more about how Cat is transforming the world of women on a global scale, reach out to her and her team and she will be in touch personally (which is why we love her) if you and your goals are suited to the programs she currently offers.




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