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Cass Morrow, sexless marriage survivor and esteemed marriage coach, is recognized around the globe for the work he does with men. Based on the troubles he experienced in his own marriage, as well as actions he had to take to avoid divorce, his methods are cutting edge, effective and extremely uncensored. 

As Cass puts it, a sexless marriage is not only a marriage that goes 6 months or more without sex, but also includes marriage where your wife is just laying there. She’s not in. She’s checking it off her to-do list like picking up the dry cleaning. 

The Marriage Reset, his famous marriage coaching course and coaching program, is about more than just sex. You can’t expect to have great sex, if you’re not connected…talking, laughing, having fun, dreaming, achieving together…like you did in the beginning.

But you need to break away from Society’s examples.

Regardless of if you are the problem or your wife is, YOU ARE the solution. 

Cass and The Marriage Reset can also be seen in Digital Journal, Forbes Brunei, Maxim and more.




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