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Debbie Small is a business strategist, speaker, connector, relationship builder, thought leader and futurist known as ‘The Empowerment Queen’ and ‘Super Connector’; and quoted as one of the Female Empowerment Trailblazers to watch out for.

Debbie is the Founder of the Empowerment Point Global Business Directory & Education Hub and Co-Founder of the Aussie Business Accelerator. Her clients are business owners who are passionate about making this world a better place and building their businesses with solid business foundations.

“We are an expert in our own area but we can’t be an expert in everything and that’s why Empowerment Point was created and why business owners need each other”.

Along her business journey Debbie has learnt a lot of valuable lessons and the RIGHT way to build a SOLID business foundation to build GROWTH within a business; and this is what she now helps others do.

“To me a business is like a house, with solid foundations you have choice, the choice to stay as you are, to scale or to sell. Without a strong foundation you don’t have this choice, not with your house and not with your business. Empowerment Point helps give business owners back their freedom of choice with strategy.” Debbie’s passion is seeing business owners love what they do, thrive in their business and love their life.

Links: https://www.empowermentpoint.com


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