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Michele Sullivan, an organic marketer and a seasoned insurance broker with over 30 years of experience, for the launch of her unique online business coaching program called “Hit 5 Figures For Beginner Blueprint Academy”. This innovative course is specifically designed for beginners who want to start their own business from scratch and reach 5 figures in a short period of time. 

Michele Sullivan is a qualified coach who is a member of the Global Coaches Association and holds a current active coaching certificate. Her program is different from others on the market because it is personalized to meet the needs of each individual client and is specifically designed for beginners. 

The course includes hands-on exercises, real-life examples, and ongoing support and guidance, making it the perfect option for those who want to take control of their financial future and turn their passions into a profitable business. 

Clients can expect a no-nonsense approach from Michele, who will work tirelessly to guide them to success but also expects determination and commitment from her clients. Her philosophy is guided by a strong ethical code and a daily routine of mindset and 

motivation videos. She is known for her humility, confidence, authenticity, and for being the Emoji Queen online. 

Michele’s program is a perfect blend of knowledge and practical application and ensures that what is learned can be immediately put into practice. 

Michele’s ultimate goal is to help people put food on the table, pay their bills on time, and achieve success in their business endeavors. Her program is designed to help people avoid the pitfalls of “get rich quick” schemes and focuses on achieving long-term success through hard work and commitment. 

Michele Sullivan is a business coach and online marketing expert with over a decade of experience in the industry. She has helped countless individuals achieve financial success online and is dedicated to empowering others to do the same. 

Michele Sullivan
Hit 5 Figures For Beginner Blueprint Academy 



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