Executive Contributor | Cheryl Blunt

Self-Care | Inspirational

Personal Development & Art Therapy Coach

International Co-Author of “Alive 2 Thrive” – Life After Attempting Suicide Motivational Speaker

Owner/Operator of Kids Retreat, LLC 

Founder of Kids Retreat Family Corporation Nonprofit

“I CAME OUT OF IT” From VICTIM to being VICTORIOUS through all the challenges that life presented me.Cheryl’s message and speaking stem from her own life experience she entitled “I Came Out of It…” 

For years Cheryl suffered in silence from childhood trauma, physical & emotional abuse, a series of self-sabotaging relationships, until she found herself in the hospital facing a mental crisis. After going through and completing the healing process. Cheryl was determined to help others break the cycle of hopelessness. She now collaborates with individuals one on one and in groups by coaching, holding workshops, art therapy classes, providing clothes, food, resources and a mental health awareness program. I’m working to empower others and give them the tools for transformational change. 

Telling my story and wanting to help others with their journey to rebuild, became my life’s purpose.

My mission now is to help motivate, empower and inspire individuals to achieve their full potential, create a healthy living environment for themselves and their families free of stress depression, drugs, alcohol, abuse, and to assist them in gaining balance and serenity back into their lives. The ultimate goal is to help others use their experiences to then help others, and keep the circle moving.










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