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Jane Vandermeer is a multi-award winning, highly intuitive & innovative international thought leader. 

She is a best selling author, speaker, stylist, trainer & loves sharing knowledge.

She has always had a love of high-end fashion…..you could say that it is her blood.

As a creative & entrepreneurial thinker, she has a 30-year career within the Fashion Industry. Including: Designer, Tailor, Pattern Maker, Quality Control, Buyer, Wholesale & Retail sales, Lecturer, Business Owner, Creator……

She has created & built a number of award-winning businesses within the Fashion & Creative industries. Starting with a Couture design business styling & creating wardrobes for beautiful women.

Jane has the ability to truly listen to her clients, from a non-judgemental perspective. Gently guiding them to a revised, updated & truly authentic aesthetic.

She understands that women are multi-dimensional. Our identities are a tangle of connections to our activities, places, interests, values & aspirations.

Jane has an innate ability to connect with her clients often when they can’t always articulate their own needs. Through her business Finesse Your Style.

She is in tune with trends but a confident individualist when it comes to style.

“It is my belief when you understand yourself more, you sit within yourself firmly. It is then you command the room with an extra level of innate confidence.

True confidence & empowerment comes with truly knowing & understanding yourself. I help female speakers, coaches & consultants feel like they can take on the world, share their message & light.” 


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