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Aliyana is a thought-leading individual with a purpose far greater than self. She loves being captivated by people living into their meaning and purpose.

A Human Ecologist with experience serving as an integrative and holistic healer for over 20 years within and outside of healthcare, Alivya Solarus’ fierce devotion to a 360 ﹾapproach to well-being has empowered individuals, systems and organizations around the world to build resilience, embrace connection, and ultimately unleash the infinite abundance possible within and around all of us.

“Our greatest hope is to honor the vulnerability that is authenticity while remaining firmly grounded in gratitude. If we embrace the Collaborative Resilience we are all capable of, we have the potential to transcend pain and suffering.

Our life experiences so often inform who we are. The power of Collaborative Resilience becomes undeniable when we are inquisitive and willing enough to innovate together tocontinuously unlock our potential as a whole.

People need to feel seen and heard. Kind attention to the present moment has and will continue to radically harness and unleash our collective power to lift each other up to manifest the dreams we are each uniquely designed to manifest.

Alivya’s goal is to take what she learned with global collaborators and widen that impact. Because this is an issue that transcends science, politics and religion – the whole world requires true compassion and kind attention to the present moment is always a happy place to start.

If you wish to be a part of this mission, please contact Alivyaat:


@aliviyanaeislynnsolarus on Instagram or 

@WEalthCare4U on Linked In

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