Chef Gani: A New Era For Yamashiro

Yamashiro Hollywood’s chef, Gani T. Cristobal, reflects on his success and passion for the culinary industry.

Gani T. Cristobal II began working as a chef in training at Yamashiro Hollywood, a Japanese-fusion eatery tucked away in the Hollywood Hills, earlier this year, where he has learned more about Japanese culture and cuisine. However difficult it may be, Gani enjoys experimenting with other cultural cuisines and discovering the ideal ways to combine flavors to produce delectable dishes. 

The fame of Yamashiro and its conspicuous location in the Hollywood Hills made Chef Gani aware that accepting the task would not be simple. However, for the chef, this chance came at an amazingly ideal point in his career when he was ready to challenge himself. Thanks to this opportunity, he has had the opportunity to experience all aspects of running his outstanding restaurant, from setup to dinner service. His method of cooking has evolved since he started his schooling. Gani claims that the secret to a fantastic dinner service is preparation. 

“My inspiration comes from learning itself,” Gani tells us, “I try to learn more and explore because I think it’s fun to try and explore new things. I try to apply what I learn to what I do in my life.”

Although he has seen incredible success with his culinary career, he didn’t always envision his future to look so tasty. Originally planning to become an accountant, he soon realized he was meant to be a chef. At the Culinary Arts Programs at Enderun Colleges in the Philippines, he was led by numerous talented instructors, where he learned the ins and outs of the culinary industry.

Gani learned to cook in his mother’s kitchen when he was a little boy in the Philippines. Gani developed a passion for the kitchen after watching his mother make typical Filipino cuisine. He was enthralled that a single dish could encapsulate his people’s history, tradition, and love. His mother, who he looks up to most, has taught him to help others, be kind, and empathize. Wherever he goes, Gani wants to carry the spirit of his mother with him.

“I don’t think there’s an endgame for me,” Gani says. “I’ll try to learn more and explore more as time passes. See all the opportunities out there and hopefully help many people along the way and create opportunities for them as well.”

Chef Gani has more faith in his abilities now that he has learned the ins and outs of starting a restaurant. The chef’s new aim is to build his restaurant in Hollywood after performing numerous successful dinner services in the kitchen of a renowned restaurant. Chef Gani has acquired an abundance of culinary skills, but one particular experience does stand out above the others: when he helped his head chef open Royal Hawaiian. Gani believes that was the turning point in his training. Due to the culmination of his abilities that this endeavor required to be put to the test, he views this as a remarkable event.

Writing Credit : Alexandra Keshishian

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