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Do you feel that your mindset is largely dictated by events? I’m here to tell you that’s not true. Your mindset is a choice, and that it boils down to either expansion or contraction. 

So choose wisely!

Lest you think that sounds like ‘victim blaming’, allow me to reassure you that this is all about empowering you. To not take full responsibility for your current situation, is to give away your power entirely. 

If you choose to place how you feel about the future on the roulette wheel of life/world events: you’re precluding the possibility of your agency all together!

“Events dear boy, events” – Harold Macmillan

This was former British Prime Minister Macmillan’s response when asked by a journalist what the greatest challenge for a statesman is.

We all know that events will happen in our lives, some completely out the blue. It’s how we respond to them that counts and that is completely dependent on our mindset. 

“Good judgement is usually the result of experience. And experience is frequently the result of bad judgement” – JFK

If you are of an expansive mindset, not only do you see failures as an opportunity for growth but you also recognize the abundance in the universe. When “events” appear to set you back, you are not thrown into paralyzing self-doubt because you know that there will be greater things yet to come. 

Let me define what I mean by “expansion” and “contraction” as they pertain to mindset:

Expansion – essentially we’re talking about growth, but in the direction of a chosen outcome. 

That outcome could be “more enlightenment” or it could be hitting a specific quarterly growth target. The outcome itself isn’t the point, but rather the intention behind it: moving towards. 

When you consider that the state of the universe itself is continual expansion, your desires to grow and experience greater things in your life is only natural. 

Contraction – everything else (but I’ll elaborate). 

Every act undertaken with the intention of getting to your goal is expansive.

This doesn’t mean that while you’re sleeping you’re contracting, or even while you’re sat watching TV. Rest and recovery are important, so if those acts are serving your progress: they’re still expansive. 

Contraction happens in apathy and purposelessness. 

As I say: we know that the universe is expanding. Galaxies are getting further and further apart from each other. You are part of a universal expansion, whether you like it or not! 

It just depends how much say in it you want to have. 

“Don’t confuse movement with progress”

When you take blind action or do something just to kill time, whatever it is, you’re robbing that precious time of purpose. You’re leaving you future completely up to random chance. 

If you know that you should return that person’s phone call, or make those changes to your company website that you’ve been going on about for months, but don’t…that’s a contraction. 

How this relates to mindset really comes down to how much you recognize the abundance in the universe. 

Let’s use this example that a lot of small business owners will be familiar with. Say you have a handful of ten clients, but there are two core clients who gives you the lion’s share of your turnover. 

That’s statistically likely thanks to the Pareto Principal by the way. 

Say one of them drops your contract and takes their business elsewhere, or in-house. How would you respond? 

It’s very easy to see it as a loss. Both in terms of revenue and reputation. If that’s how you view it, the first thing you’re probably going to start looking for is where you can make cut-backs. 

This is contraction!

It might seem logical, but when viewed in the fullness of time; it really isn’t. Think about it – you want to be a company that services ten or more clients. So why take steps to become one that has fewer resources?

We see this all the time, sometimes writ large with huge multi-nationals making redundancies and layoffs in the face of a sudden downturn. The internet was a big exposer of those who thought in terms of of contraction. 

Rather than move to serve a growing online customer/client base, many companies sought to streamline the way they did business through brick & mortar stores. 

In the case of industries like Hollywood; they actively sought to undermine the turning tides and preserve a dwindling status quo. They tried (in vain) to bring back gimmicks like 3D, in order to preserve a monopoly on mediums of distribution. 

How did that work out?

Just look at what’s currently playing in a cinema near you. It’s all superheroes and…well; superheroes. The mid-budget experimental drama has all but died a death. Those vehicles for new talent have disappeared, leaving dwindling returns and business model that has to ‘bet the farm’ on tent pole titles. 

On the other side: streaming services have been thinking expansively. Building original IP and serving the demands of more people as a result. 

The point is: where do you choose to place your focus?

When something happens out of the blue, once the shock has subsided, how you reflect on it is entirely up to you. Emotion (energy in motion) doesn’t stay physically in your body for more than 90 seconds. The rest is a conscious or subconscious choice to hold onto them. 

Choose to cultivate a mindset that seeks to expand towards a defined outcome, do the work of training your subconscious mind to accept that new reality and you’ll find that the rest comes easy. 

There are a plethora of tools and modalities that you can find online (many for free) to help you do this. 


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