The Best – Kept Secret Of The Health Care System


Alivya Solarus is a thought-leading individual with a purpose far greater than herself. She loves being captivated by people’s stories of resilience, and her mission is to serve as a shining light.

A Human Ecologist with experience serving as a holistic healer for over 20 years, Alivya Solarus’ fierce devotion to a universal approach to mend “brokenness” has led her to empower many individuals across the United States to transform their lives.

Her vision for the future is even wider – she wants to unite the world through her healing process to build resilience, embrace connection, and ultimately manifest the infinite abundance possible within the lives of all individuals.

“Our greatest hope is to honor the vulnerability that is authenticity while remaining firmly grounded in gratitude. If we embrace the Collaborative Resilience we are all capable of, we can dare to discover every lesson we have yet to learn.”

Our life experiences so often inform who we are. The power of Collaborative Resilience becomes undeniable when we are inquisitive and willing enough to innovate together to continuously improve as a whole.

People want to feel heard. There are important conversations that need to happen to create healing. A new approach is needed across the globe to radically harness and unleash our collective power to lift each other up to become the best version of ourselves.

So, how do we do this?

Alivya’s goal is to take what she learned with patients and groups and apply that approach to make foundational changes in organizations and systems. Because this is an issue that transcends even politics – the whole world requires true compassion.

“Collaborative resilience starts with open communication. We need to be willing to have hard conversations in the kindest way possible – transformation begins with honesty.”

A universal approach to holistic healing is already being used to address fractures in settings such as education and law enforcement. Alivya wants to take this approach and apply it to one of our most critical resources: the healthcare system.

“Holistic healing is a form of healthcare. So why is it not being widely used within the institution of healthcare itself, to better the system for every participant?”

To make this world a reality, Alivya needs help.

The only way to make this a global conversation and inspire healing around the world is through a non-biased digital platform. This platform would take root in the US, and then be expanded to heal communities on every continent.

“What I need in order to gain momentum is collaboration with subject-matter experts. I know that this process works, but I need to start collecting data. The next step is getting a world-class Grounded Theory Researcher on board as well as a Digital Platform Creation expert.

I know this isn’t going to be perfect the first time around so I’m completely willing to surrender to the process and fail forward – my collaborators have to feel the same way.”

This platform needs to be built as sensitively as possible, embracing kind collaboration, authentic feedback, and honoring the healthy boundaries of all participants.  

“The motto of the entire healthcare industry is ‘first do no harm’. However, in the words of the father of medicine…It is more important to understand the patient than the disease. If we remain collaboratively-centered on those values, we can create systems that transform communities around the world.”

If you believe in Alivya’s mission and have the subject matter expertise to begin the creation of this digital platform, you can book a meeting with her to discuss using this link.

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