Laser Eye Surgeon, Dr. Ehsan Sadri, Takes a Forward-Thinking and Patient-Centric Approach to Ophthalmology

There has never been a more exciting time to be a scientist. Technology and scientific knowledge are expanding at a rate never before seen. The growth of technology, the refinement of medical tools, and the depth of information at the disposal of scientists and researchers all make for an exciting journey forward in human development. Dr. Ehsan Sadri is a pioneer in the ophthalmology field and the Visionary Ventures co-founder. This venture capital fund backs companies with innovative approaches to patient care.

As the first family member to attend medical school, Dr. Sadri is making history as a first-generation Iranian-American healthcare professional. He has been in practice as a laser eye surgeon since 2004 and is based in Newport Beach, California, where he is board certified. He is enthusiastic about new ideas because he is always fascinated with how to make patients see better and have the best experience.

His original motivation to help patients who lost their sight blossomed into an initiative that will benefit many more people than just those who seek treatment at his clinic. The venture fund is used by Dr. Sadri and his team to effect change in the field of ophthalmology, address unmet patient needs, and close service gaps. Over the course of Dr. Sadri’s career, he has delivered more than 300 lectures that have been formally reviewed. And he runs a charity that helps the visually impaired all over the world who otherwise couldn’t afford it.

Taking a novel tack in the business world has given him the mental leverage to propel himself and his company forward. Keeping a “lunchbox mentality” has helped him remain humble and dedicated to the demanding work he enjoys. Dr. Sadri references Earl Nightingale’s quote when defining success: “success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.” Going by his definition, it wouldn’t be wrong to describe Dr. Ehsan as successful.

It wasn’t easy to launch Visionary Ventures. Due to starting their venture so soon after the pandemic, Dr. Sadri and his colleagues struggled with a lack of funding. Having the drive and stamina to succeed is essential, without these features they would have failed. For Dr. Sadri, the only competition he has in the industry is himself. He is of the opinion that your most significant competitor is yourself. The fantastic Japanese concept of kaizen, which can be loosely translated as “the relentless pursuit of excellence,” necessitates his daily effort to be better than his current self.

Dr. Ehsan Sadri enjoys widespread acclaim as a pioneer in his field. He is a frequent speaker at ophthalmology conferences, where he discusses innovative methods and cutting-edge equipment for treating patients’ eyes. His extensive knowledge and experience make him an invaluable resource for teaching other eye surgeons how to protect and restore patients’ sight.

Dr. Sadri is a staunch advocate for self-improvement and self-help activities. He sees the glass as half full and holds that hard work and enthusiasm are the keys to happiness and success. This perspective has sustained him and allowed him to grow continuously and develop throughout his life. 

Visionary Ventures has been enormously successful, but Dr. Sadri is also working on other projects to improve eye health. One of his objectives is to expand his service options for treating eye disorders and eye protection. Some examples include sunglasses, eyelid cream, and special glasses that filter out blue light.

If you want to keep up with Dr. Sadri, he’s on Instagram as @DrEhsanSadri. Follow him there.

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