The world is recognising and celebrating thought leading individuals who all have a purpose far greater than self. Here’s a few ambitious entrepreneurs who continue to follow their passions with vigour and enthusiasm.

Catherine Molloy

Catherine Molloy is an international bestselling author, keynote speaker and is CEO and Founder of Auspac Business Advantage an award winning international soft skills training company.  She creates and runs educational programmes through corporate businesses, universities and high schools focusing on our first impressions, the million-dollar handshake to connect and communicate, conscious leadership and mastering mindset. Catherine believes these soft skills are the hard-core answers to growth, well-being, and survival in this fast passed world. She says” The next generation should have access to develop these tools today to help master communication for the future”.

 Catherine started her business as a registered training organisation in the GFC after losing well over a million dollars and quickly discovered the tools we needed to grow businesses and take them from where they are to where they want to be.  This was achieved by focussing on people and allowing them to realise how to create more win wins in life.   As an entrepreneur she quickly discovered life was about integration.  Business can be 7 days a week 24 hours a day when working globally so Catherine learnt how to sell her services so others can have access to teach these skills too. Over the next 12months Auspac wants to expand its reach from Asia into UK and Europe. Catherine is regularly booked to speak on her passions globally.

Heidi Johnson

Heidi Johnson is the Founder and Owner of MIND FRDM, a coaching/consulting company that specializes in helping individuals and corporations with defining their identity and self-image through a positive and re-trained mindset.  She has over 15 years of experience coaching and developing independent sales representatives to unlock their mindset to achieve their greatest desires and goals that they did not believe they had the ability to accomplish.  

Throughout her career she found that the number one reason most people did not do more although they wanted more was because of their mindset.  They believed that they were not worthy of more due to an inherited belief system and environmental conditioning that told them they were limited in what they could do.  With this experience and knowledge, MIND FRDM launched and is on track to serve 100’s of individuals around the world.

MIND FRDM is available for individual, group and corporate coaching and consulting with an expansion into onsite and international retreats in 2023.  

Richard Brown

Richard Brown is a perfect example of “just do it” mentality and learning on the job. From being made redundant, with only 30 minutes notice, having no savings and in the midst ofa huge construction downturn, Richard set up a Building Surveying Company, that was an immediate success.

Using the Mantra, “Do what no one else wants to do, and you will always have a business” Rich is now going from strength to Strength, with his business Richard Brown Building Assessors Ltd, who specialise in a Holistic Approach to Dampness and Building Defects in individuals’ homes.

He is currently taking the Home Improvement and Repair market by force and is seen as the top Domestic Building Surveyor in Northern Ireland.

Known for his honesty and attention to the Scientific approach to defect diagnosis in homes, his business is now growing weekly and encompassing a very profitable Property Portfolio of his own, whilst advising on possible property investments to his clients.

He always points his success to Action and always progressing. Every day, he will take a step forward, regardless of how small, to every project and goal he is working on.

Rachel Rosenberg

Rachel Rose is an Empowerment Coach guiding clients as they transition total life changes in Self, Health, and Wealth. Her infectious positivity led her to become a motivational TEDx Speaker, Business Consultant, and Author. Rachel grew up in Detroit, studied art and fashion in NY, before moving to Chicago becoming VP of both a finance company and a Health & Wellness company. No stranger to life transformation, overcoming a near-fatal snowboarding accident, only elevated her passion and mission to impact, inspire and empower others in taking their lives and businesses to the next level. Through a simple success method, she lives to show others how to blow their own minds!

“HEALTHY is NOT just what you feed your body, it’s what you feed your mind, what you say to yourself, and the people you surround yourself with!”

Her book, Kaleidoscope Girl: Internal Discovery for External Results releases this Fall and a 2nd book, Tools, and Perspectives to Uncover and Apply Life’s Blessings in 2023. A new podcast, “Confronting Conformity”, highlights the importance of authenticity in living your best life. New monthly workshops, Masterminds, and Masterclasses, her community is growing rapidly. Another TEDx Talk in the works! Launching a design line donating a portion of all proceeds to mental health after traumatic brain injuries.  

Kathryn Morrow

Kathryn Morrow is one half of Canadian power couple, Cass & Kathryn Morrow, long standing fitness, and weight loss professionals, are not only very well known in the fitness communities of multiple Canadian cities but are also quickly making big waves and are making a name for themselves in the marriage and relationship space. 

In the past 12 months the Morrows have switched gears, and through being incredibly vulnerable with telling their own personal story, have helped thousands of couples survive sexless marriages, narcissistic abuse and avoid divorce. 

Kathryn, specializing in communication and relationships with certificates from The Gottman Institute helps women live the fairy-tale they’ve always dreamed about with The White Picket Fence Project, which focuses on marriage, parenting, weight loss and business coaching. Kathryn exclusively coaches’ women while Cass helps men restore the intimacy,they crave by specializing in sex and attraction. He states,“you can keep trying every solution that society throws at you, but with a staggering divorce rate of 70% and climbing, society’s solutions aren’t working.”

Between Cass’ viral reels and incredible social mediapresence and Kathryn’s compassionate one on one coaching style, together this couple is revolutionizing marriage. 

Holly Holland

Holly Holland is an intuitive author and grief coach from Edmonton, Canada. Hollys next novel, Secrets to Keep will be launched in early 2023. Holly says “My first book, Keep Moving, creating a Life After Loss, about loss, grief and living again, began a self-discovery process for me. 

Becoming an author is the best experience of my life. As an author, significant time is spent in marketing. I researched for ways to incorporate the metaverse into the marketing plan. 

Opportunities opened in 2021. Having a creative personality, new technology is the perfect fit. Being in the forefront leads to new adventures and possibilities.

I knew the virtual reality space was for me from my first experience. I got emotional when I realized I could create a much-needed safe space to help people globally, aligned with my second book.

I will share updates on a regular basis. I am so excited to be a part of a fast-growing metaverse community. It warms my heart to share the experiences and feelings found inside virtual reality. Embrace the opportunity waiting for you.

Follow me to stay in the forefront with all the grandeur and greatness available using technology in the metaverse for the greater good of mankind.”

Brett D. Scott

Brett D. Scott has always imagined being truly successful. 

All through his twenties and thirties, and though he never truly accepted it, he had already experienced much of it including; his own magazine publishing business started from scratch at the age of 27-29, number 1 real estate sales agent in Victoria in less than 3 years and successful gym manager & personal trainer, before making the decision to truly follow his passion and now purpose in helping others achieve their own version of success and ultimately freedom, via his metaphysical mindset coaching business.

Brett has received multiple awards (including a Bronze IBA Stevie for Company of the Year: Consumer Services-Small 2022) for his company formally Freedom Coaching, now ‘Super-Charged Freedom’ 

To his credit, Brett also has a TEDx talk (How to Unleash Your Inner Superhero), a podcast called ‘Mastering Success’ about to be updated to the Super-Charged Freedom podcast, a best-selling and Silver Stevie Book of the Year 2020 award winning book ‘I Fly’ and the also company namesake ‘Super-Charged Freedom: Your Truth Will Set You Free’ book recently released and soon to be taken to new heights.

The goal from here is to have his CEO and team now grow the group coaching business, so that Brett can travel the world speaking into the power of mindset, spirituality and how to go from being the ultimate quitter in life, when things get tough, to the most committed and successful at finding solutions to continue towards your desired outcomes/goals.

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