WE Are the WEalth in WEalthCare


It has been my observation that our greatest hope is to honor the vulnerability that is authenticity while remaining firmly grounded in gratitude, to embrace the collaborative resilience we are all capable of, and to dare to discover every lesson we have yet to learn. This hope may be found in the sacred space where kindness meets and has the potential to transcend suffering. There is so much more each of us can learn from the life story that is the leadership story unique to each of us. I invite you embark on an epically enchanting exploration of holistically healing the “brokeness” that permeates our existence. 

WE begin this journey with the potential to innovate through curiosity and the empathy it can ignite for ourselves and others. Our capacity for learning can make us brilliant and our capacity for empathy can make us infinite. For it is through this empathy that we can celebrate the gifts unique to each of us and therefore, the conduit to our highest purpose and capacity for healing. In this five part process, WE manifest the WEalth that can be found in WEalthCare as WE:

Innovate Through Curiosity By:

◇ Surrendering to the unknown

◇ Inviting permission to stretch the capacity of our hearts and minds 

◇ Generosity of interpreting one’s behavior

◇ Trusting in the capacity to love ourselves and others

◇ Introspection regarding our strengths and weakness

Implement Through Collaboration With:

◇ Non Judgement of ourselves and others

◇ Integrity to do no harm

◇ Healthy Boundaries defined as the space between loving me and loving you

◇ Compassion…the sacred space where love and suffering meet

Refine Through Advocacy With: 

◇ Reliability to take action

◇ Equanimity as we seek truth

◇ Validation that the height of our light has the unbending capacity to surpass the depth of our darkness

◇ Accountability for utilizing our strengths to address our weaknesses

Remain Grounded in Gratitude and Unbending Authenticity Which Invites:

◇ The team sport of collaborative resilience

◇ The kindness that has the capacity to transcend suffering when met with love here!


The human ecologist, behavioral health sports nutritionist, diabetes care and education specialist, community gardener, yoga instructor/student of life in me aspires to honor the beautiful light in all while celebrating the luminary that is the artist, scientist and curator in each of us. I invite you to join me on this journey as WE launch the WEalthCare4U podcast that is devoted to exploring the past, present and future of the collaborative resilience that binds together our hearts and minds. I’ll conclude with one of my all time favorite quotes by Theodore Roosevelt…”no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”

With infinite gratitude for the potential to dream with ambition, lead with conviction and allow myself and others to be seen in a way that may not always be apparent as we breathe the presence we wish to see in the world through empathy for ourselves and all,

Alivyana Eislynn Solarus

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