What is it that drives you and your mission? – Cat Saunders


Have you ever found yourself saying money’s not one of your priorities or motivators?
Recently we’ve heard some profound teaching on money mindset and why it’s important for us to explore this a little bit more!

Cat X Saunders is on a mission to help heal the money stories and block people have – especially women.

Cat starts off by sharing.

“If we get straight to the point, so many women sacrifice themselves and their choices based on a lack of finances to support themselves and or their family. 
I have seen women stay in unhealthy relationships due to a lack of financial stability to leave. They’re having to make hard choices and they are sacrificing their happiness as a result”

We came across Cat after her successful TEDx talk and her no-fluff attitude when it comes to living a life on purpose and with passion.

Cat is a woman’s empowerment coach amongst many other titles and qualifications.

We asked Cat “What is it that drives you and your mission?

“Having been at the bottom and worked hard to work my way up, I soon realised that working harder will only wear you out. You may get the award, the acknowledgment if you are lucky and maybe even the paycheque that effectively pays you off for sacrificing your time in a job that doesn’t bring you joy or light you up.”

“It’s this time away from your family and your loved ones that has you exhausted for the time you do get to spend with them, then see’s you too tired to be living a life that filled with fun and happiness.”

Cat has this energy about her that pulls you in and makes you feel good. Her presence fills you with peace whilst at the same time anticipation of what’s to come

You speak of money with a sense of energy Cat, why is that?

“Rich people speak about money and share ideas on how to grow their overall wealth. Middle class and those struggling aren’t raised in or around conversations about money. Money is spoken about with shame or guilt, sometimes not even encouraged to be spoken about at all. When it’s a dirty little secret that is surrounded by shame and guilt, subconsciously you will have blocks in and around having it.”

We asked Cat to share her top tips to uncover if you had blocks around money and what you can do to shift them

  1. When people speak about money, how does it make you feel? Depending on what emotions come up or how it makes you feel will let you know what your internal relationship is with money. If it’s feeling of avoidance, resentment shame or guilt – basically anything that doesn’t feel good – then there is a negative money story and a block.
  2. When you have begun to identify your blocks, if you are wanting to shift them and create a better and more powerful relationship with money, you want to start watching the language you use around money – both internally and externally. Are you grateful for it or resentful of it.? What emotions are triggered when you spend it? Start to consciously have gratitude for the money you have and the money you spend.
  3. Surround yourself with things that will help you shift. If you can afford a good coach to support you, invest in them. Read books that will help you open up your thinking. My personal favourites are.

            1 The Magic by Rhonda Burn

            2 Happy Pocket Full of Money by David Cameron Gikandi

            3 Busting Loose from the Money Game

“These books and taking conscious action to surround yourself with conversations that are new and powerful are the first things I get my clients and team to embody”. 

To learn more, connect with Cat or to follow her, you can find her on the following links.

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/catsaunderscoaching

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Web – https://www.catsaunders.com.au/

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