Amy Duggar: TOPLESS In Latest Instagram Selfie?

Amy Duggar always had enough sense to question her crazy Uncle Jim Bob and his ridiculous rules.

But now that JB’s career as a reality star has ended in disgrace, Amy is enjoying a new kind of freedom.

Amy has only become more popular over the course of the past year, while Jim Bob lost an election and slithered back into obscurity following his eldest son’s conviction on child pornography charges.

These days, Amy is living her best life, and while she never concerned herself with the ridiculous Duggar dress code, she’s seemed less restricted than ever in recent months.

Amy Duggar seems happier than ever on Instagram. (Photo via Instagram)

Amy’s immediate family was never as strict as the Jim Bob branch, but she’s still an evangelical living in an overwhelmingly fundamentalist community.

So when Amy posts a bikini selfie it’s an act of feminist liberation that’s damn near revolutionary.

Fans have been quick to praise the 34-year-old for her courage in casting off some of the more oppressive rules she was raised with.

Amy wears what she wants these days, and it seems that her husband, Dillon King, is perfectly cool with that. (Photo via Instagram)

Amy’s attire might be pretty modest by most standards, but it’s important to remember how she was raised.

Duggar women are taught from a young age that they’re morally obligated to wear “modest” attire at all times so as not to stir up any sinful ideas in the menfolk.

We wish we were joking!

Amy has been rebelling against that idea for years, but this week, she took her sartorial defiance to an extreme that some fans never expected.

Amy Duggar’s latest selfie is generating quite. lot of controversy on Instagram. (Photo via Instagram)

Amy posted the pic above to her Instagram Story earlier this week,




“We spent almost 2 weeks in Tulum on year 1 for our anniversary!!” she captioned the photo.

“Can’t believe it’ll be 7 years on the 6th! God has a way of working things out.”

Amy Duggar Wears a Bikini
Amy Duggar can be seen wearing a bikini in her latest Instagram post. Needless to say, this is a major violation of the Duggar dress code! (Photo via Instagram)

Seems to us like an innocent ode to her relationship with Dillon King.

But some fans didn’t see it that way.

On Reddit and elsewhere, some commenters thought that Amy had posed topless and obscured her torso with a strategically-placed bouquet.

Amy Duggar In a Swimsuit
There’s no greater threat to Jim Bob Duggar’s authority than the freedom enjoyed by cousin Amy. And she seems to really enjoy reminding him of that. (Photo via Instagram)

That’s not the case, of course.

You can tell from the photo that Amy is wearing a swimsuit, or some sort of top.

We can see how those who only glanced at it briefly might have been confused, but it seems that Amy’s rebellion hasn’t reached that extreme yet.

Amy Duggar and Son and Hubby
Amy Duggar holds son Daxton here and poses in a funny manner with her husband. (Photo via Instagram)

Again, Amy is still quite conservative by most standards, and she still adheres to most of the principles of the fundamentalist community in which she lives.

So she probably won’t be posting any topless selfies anytime soon.

But she’s still flipping the proverbial middle finger to her obnoxious uncle, and that’s enough for us!




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