Chelsea Houska Gets Trashed for Bragging About ANOTHER Home Purchase

There are a LOT of people who really, really love Chelsea Houska.

And there are also plenty of people who don’t think she deserves all the adoration.

Chelsea Houska (De Boer)

For the first group of people, her latest Instagram post is no big deal, just another cute photo.

But for the second group …

Boy, are they mad.

As we all know, Chelsea quit Teen Mom 2 a couple of years ago, and since then, she’s been developing a different sort of career.

Chelsea and Cole on HGTV

She does a lot of influencer work, and she’s also got a new show with HGTV that will premiere next year.

Because of the HGTV show, and because she and husband Cole DeBoer have spent so much time building a new home for their family, she’s been posting a lot of content about building and decorating, that kind of thing.

But yesterday, on the family’s Instagram account, she revealed that she and Cole have a whole new home to work on …

… Because she bought her family’s cabin!

The cabin was previously owned by Chelsea’s father, Randy, and it’s been featured on Teen Mom 2 before.

Attentive fans will recall that Chelsea has actually revealed that this cabin is where Aubree was conceived.

However, it isn’t the photo that has people up in arms, it’s the caption she wrote to go along with it.

“10/10 recommend buying your childhood cabin,” the caption reads. “SO excited for my kids to make all the great memories here that I made. LET THE PROJECTS BEGIN.”

Chelsea and Family at Mount Rushmore

So … yeah, not great.

It’s great that she was able to make this purchase, and it’s no secret that she’s more than financially stable enough to do so.

It’s just that to make a recommendation that people should buy their childhood cabins when the vast majority of people didn’t have them and may not even be able to afford to buy a full-time home …

It’s pretty weird.

Chelsea Houska Is an Entrepreneur

And the good folks over on Teen Mom Reddit were not shy in discussing this matter.

Lots of people chose sarcasm, like the person who wrote “I was wondering what to do today! Buying my non-existent childhood cabin sounds like a great idea! Thanks for the suggestion Chelsea! I’ll get right on it!”

“Sounds great,” another comment read. “Now where did I leave my childhood cabin???”

Some people had questions, like the person who asked “How could you be on a show about teen pregnancy with majority of the cast growing up impoverished and still be this out of touch with reality?”

Chelsea, Aubree in 2021

But most commenters just went for being real.

“Chels I can’t even afford my rent,” someone wrote.

“This comes off so damn privileged,” wrote another Reddit user. “Gross.”

One particularly pointed comment read “Chelsea, most of us are just trying to put gas in our car and pay our mortgage. I don’t need your take on your latest property investment; I’d rather read about how blessed you are from your teen pregnancy to have made millions off of that mistake.”

To be clear, it’s great that Chelsea was able to make this purchase — it’s clear that the cabin means a lot to her, and it’s wonderful that she’s in a position to purchase it.

It’s not her fault that she is wealthy, and she’s obviously allowed to spend her money on whatever she wants.

But to write the statement “10/10 recommend buying your childhood cabin” without taking a moment to consider that this isn’t a remote possibility for the majority of people is weird.

Chelsea Houska Is Tan

It just is.

We’re happy for her and everything, but would it really be so hard for her to put a little more thought into the things she says?


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