Chelsea Houska Receives Strange Response to Unedited Photo: Finally the REAL You!

Look, we all know that the term “reality TV” is hilariously misleading.

It’s TV, sure, but that’s about the only part of that odd misnomer that’s not hilariously inaccurate.

There’s nothing real about what we see on our favorite reality shows, just like there’s nothing particularly truthful about the way most people portray their lives on social media.

But for whatever reason, people tend to let their friends slide when it comes to phony-posting on Instagram, but they’ll call out reality stars at the slightest hint of deceit.

Chelsea Houska In Napa
Chelsea Houska has been living her best life lately. And apparently, a lot of her fans have a problem with that. (Photo via Instagram)

For proof of this phenomenon, just go to Reddit and search “Chelsea Houska”.

Now,. Chelsea keeps it about as real as any reality star can be expected to, but she’s constantly being called out for presenting a fraudulent version of her life.

Her followers are forever accusing Chelsea of undergoing plastic surgery or using too many Instagram filters.

Chelsea Houska, now Chelsea De Boer, remains one of the most popular Teen Mom stars. (Photo via Instagram)

Now, has Chelsea been occasionally poked and prodded in the name of fuller lips and crow’s feet-free Botox eyes?

Has she perhaps leaned a little too heavily on fuzzed-out filters that might conceal any perceived imperfections?

Perhaps. But if anything, fans should be giving her credit for finding a Botox specialist in freakin’ South Dakota!

Chelsea at Home
Chelsea Houska recently shared some pics of her home and her family. Unfortunately, the response she received online was rather mixed. (Photo via Instagram)

We don’t think that Chelsea has gone under the knife in order to tweak her appearance, and we don’t think she relies on filters any heavier than the typical Instagram user.

Still, in Reddit threads and Instagram comments, Chelsea is frequently roasted for her alleged “fakeness.”

Perhaps that criticism was at the forefront of Houska’s mind when she posted the pic below, which is anything but fake.

Chelsea Houska posed for a hilariously candid photo on Instagram. And fans are praising her lack of vanity. (Photo via Instagram)

As you can see, Chelsea is holding a pig while rocking formal wear, which is just a hilarious premise for a photo.

But fans were more focused on the fact that it was a truly candid, unfiltered moment.

“This is a fun, genuine picture of real life,” one follower commented, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

Chelsea Houska Is Fit
Fans can’t believe how toned and healthy Chelsea Houska looks in this recent selfie. (Photo via Instagram)

“I like this photo actually, she has a genuine smile, and this doesn’t seem like some contrived photo op,” another added.

“It’s nice to see actual real photos & not staged perfected and filtered photos. I appreciate that some of her size isn’t edited the way it usually is and taken off. She looks healthier here than in most of the pics we see.”

“I absolutely love this photo. It’s so real, and she looks so happy! I wish more people were cool with posting unscripted photos,” a third person added.

Chelsea Houska Advertisement
Chelsea Houska used this photo as part of her promotional campaign for her charitable eyewear collection. (Photo via Instagram)

“Yes!!! Her face looks so natural, and like you can hear her smile! I thought this was cute,” a fourth chimed in.

“I agree, 100% prefer real-life photos vs. filtered-out perfect angles!” a fifth person opined.

So there you have it, folks.

If you’re dealing with social media haters, apparently all you have to do is put on a gown and grab the nearest pig to get the critics back on your side!






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