Chelsea Houska: Slammed For “Flaunting Her Wealth” Amid Seriously Messy Legal Troubles!

There was a time when Chelsea Houska was the most popular star in the Teen Mom universe.

(At least according to social media stats.)

But Houska left the show at the height of her fame to pursue something even bigger.

These days, Chelsea and husband Cole De Boer are preparing for the debut of their new HGTV home renovation show.

Chelsea and Cole's New Show
Chelsea and Cole have made the leap fromMTV to HGTV. (Photo via Instagram)

Filming wrapped on Farmhouse Fabulous earlier this year, but the show isn’t expected to premiere until late winter or early spring of 2023.

If it’s a success, then it could catapult Chelsea and Cole to a whole new level of fame.

But even if the show fails to find an audience, the couple is well poised for the future, having reportedly done a much better job of saving and investing than most reality stars.

Chelsea at Home
Chelsea Houska recently shared some pics of her home and her family. Unfortunately, the response she received online was rather mixed. (Photo via Instagram)

That success is apparent in the couple’s lifestyle, which is downright lavish compared to the way most of the Teen Moms are living these days.

Chelsea and Cole recently completed construction on their palatial dream home in South Dakota.

And now, it seems they’ve snapped up a more rustic property to complement their mansion.

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer recently bought some new property. (Photo via Instagram)

“10/10 recommend buying your childhood cabin. SO excited for my kids to make all the great memories here that I made,” Chelsea captioned the photo above.

For the most part, fans were supportive latest buy, leaving comments like:

“Can’t wait to see how you decorate this!” and “Love this!”

But as we reported earlier, on Reddit and elsewhere, critics were quick to point out that is an odd time for Chelsea to be buying land:

Chelsea Houska and Cole De Boer hit the town in style this week. (Photo via Instagram)

“Tone deaf Chelsea coming in hot this morning. The housing crisis is making it impossible for families to buy a home, let alone a ‘cHilDhOod cAbIn.’ Get a grip, Chelsea,” wrote one commenter.

“Okay sure. I’ll go buy my childhood cabin. Thanks for the advice. Btw, Chelsea- your experiences are not universal,” another pointed out.

“Not everyone was [a] Teen Mom with a TV show and able to buy a cabin. What a stupid tone def post for this day and age,” a third chimed in.

Chelsea Houska & Cole DeBoer
Chelsea Houska & Cole DeBoer are teaming up for a show on HGTV. We cannot wait to watch it! (Photo via MTV)

“Not everyone has a childhood cabin. God, she is annoying,” a fourth observed.

Other redditors wrote things “must be nice!” and “out of touch” and “this comes off so damn privileged.”

One user summed up the criticism nicely, writing, “0/10 recommend struggling to make rent because we didn’t get famous for getting knocked up.”

Chelsea Houska In Napa
Chelsea Houska has been living her best life lately. And apparently, a lot of her fans have a problem with that. (Photo via Instagram)

But the lowest blow of all came from a commenter who pointed out that Chelsea’s financial footing might not be as sound as it seems.

“Is it wise to be purchasing real estate when you’re in the process of being sued for 3mil?” this person asked.

Yes, Chelsea and Cole are currently being sued by a consulting company called Envy, whom they worked with in 2020.

The company’s founder alleges that the couple used various business ventures to hide money that they earned with Envy’s help.

Chelsea Houska is soon to star in a new HGTV show along with her husband. And fans think all that success has gone to her head. (Instagram)

Envy alleges that Chelsea and Cole committed full-blown fraud in order to get out of paying the company their commission.

If the allegations turn out to be true, then the DeBoers could even wind up facing criminal charges.

So yeah, there might be multiple reasons why now is not a good time for Chelsea and Cole to go boasting about their wealth and success on Instagram.

Hell, that photo of the cabin could wind up being entered into evidence in an upcoming trial or two!


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