Elizabeth Potthast: My Family Betrayed Me and I Never Saw It Coming!

Libby’s sisters were back and in rare form on Season 7, Episode 2 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

As we reported, Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet’s housewarming party had its ups and downs. But no Charlie meant no violence, at least.

Even so, things are still in an awkward place when it comes to their marriage and her extended family.

In a new interview, the 90 Day Fiance star and her husband tease just how bad things will get with her family this season.

Ahead of the season’s second episode, Elizabeth Potthast spoke to Us Weekly alongside her husband, Andrei Castravet.

“It seems like … the more successful you become,” she began.

Libby observed that “you really see people’s true colors that are surrounding you.”

“[My family and I] kind of go back and forth honestly,” Elizabeth characterized.

“But,” she admitted, “it’s been not so great.”

This, she suggests, may be the result of her own personal growth as a person.

“Let’s just say I’m getting older,” Libby explained.

She added that “I’m more mature” now than she was during earlier seasons.

Marrying Andrei and having little Ellie has been an eye-opening experience in many ways.

“I have my own family,” Libby reasoned.

“And,” she pointed out, “I see things through a different lens now.”

Obviously, she perceives the world differently now “than I used to when I was younger.”

“And so I’m learning more about my family,” Elizabeth noted.

“And,” she added, “who’s around me.”

Libby then continued: “And I just see it differently.”

Elizabeth’s husband also took part in the interview.

Andrei announced that, in his estimation, he can “take credit” for Libby’s new perspective on things.

“I opened her eyes more,” he described.

“She knew that there was something,” Andrei acknowledged.

“But,” he added, “I did more for you.”

Andrei asserted that this was “so you can understand [where] the negative comes from.”

The couple also opened up about what this season has to offer.

They teased that viewers will bear witness to “a lot of reveals concerning family members” during Season 7.

This could mean Charlie getting help. It could be about Libby’s sisters. About Chuck. Or about Libby’s homophobic mom, Pamela.

“It took some time to realize what kind of people we were dealing with,” Andrei said vaguely.

“It’s gonna be intense once again,” he teased.

Andrei then described: “It’s very hard for me because I see her … it hurts her.”

In Libby’s estimation, cultural differences are in play in terms of how she and Andrei react to toxic relatives.

She believes that Americans are “very forgiving” while Andrei’s Moldovan relatives are more “cutthroat” over conflict.

That is interesting, since many non-Americans would say that Americans are more likely to cut off troublemakers. It’s all on a spectrum, we suppose.

“Yeah, but that means you don’t have to deal with constant problems, constant friction if it’s not needed,” Andrei reminded his wife.

“Well, it’s hard when it’s family … but yes,” Elizabeth admitted.

Their vague references to some sort of shocking wrongdoing by a family member … might not be so mysterious.

See, we know from the trailer that (apparently) someone has been trying to sabotage Andrei’s chances at citizenship. Possibly, to even get him deported.

If it really is a family member, that could be a huge deal. If it’s Charlie, there’s no rehab to make amends. And if it’s not Charlie, then their problems are worse than they realized.


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