Hannah Wissmann: Why Is Jeremiah Duggar’s Newly-Pregnant Wife Such a Mystery?

On Tuesday, the Duggars shared some exciting news with fans:

According to a post on their Instagram page, Jeremiah Duggar and Hannah Wissmann are expecting their first child.

Jeremiah and Hannah just got married in late March, but the Duggars don’t waste any time when it comes to making babies.

In fact, they’re raised from a young age to believe that procreation is one of their primary reasons for being, second only to going to church and doing everything that Jim Bob tells them to do.

Hannah Wissmann and Jeremiah Duggar Pic
Jeremiah Duggar and Hannah Wissmann are engaged! This is a photo snapped after they came to this agreement.

So it comes as no surprise that Hannah is already expecting.

What is surprising, however, is that she’s been a member of the extended Duggar clan for over five months now, and fans still know very little about her.

Despite what Jim Bob might believe, the Duggars reality TV days are well and truly over, so we’ll probably never see Hannah starring on TLC.

Hannah Wissmann Photo
Jeremiah Duggar is married Hannah Wissmann. Hannah is the sister of Jana Duggar’s alleged former boyfriend, Stephen Wissmann. (Photo via Instagram)

And the whole Duggar clan has been keeping a lower profile in the months since Josh was convicted on child molestation charges.

So we probably won’t be receiving many updates on Hannah’s pregnancy via Instagram.

But fear not, fellow Duggar sleuths — Hannah’s life is not a total mystery.

Hannah Wissmann Bridal Shower Photo
Hannah Wissmann is a bride to be! She shared this photo not long before getting married to Jeremiah Duggar. (Photo via Instagram)

As it happens, she also comes from a relatively famous fundie family.

In fact, you might think of the Wissmanns as the Duggars of Nebraska.

Hannah’s clan first came to our attention amid rumors that Jeremiah’s eldest sister, Jana Duggar, was dating Hannah’s brother Stephen Wissmann.

Jana Duggar, Stephen Wissmann split (early August 2021)

But either that relationship fizzled, or Jana and Stephen were spending so much time together solely so that they could serve as chaperones on Hannah and Jeremiah’s dates.

(And that’s a shame, because fans were really, really rooting for Jana to finally get married, if only so that she could get out from under Jim Bob’s thumb.)

Anyway, the Wissmanns are a musical family, and while the Duggars used reality TV to broadcast their bonkers beliefs, Hannah and her siblings spread the gospel through song.

“Our energetic, social butterfly, Hannah is a skilled and creative young woman,” reads a bio of Hannah on the Wissmanns’ official website.

Hannah Wissmann and Jeremiah Duggar seem like a happy couple. (Photo via Instagram)

“She loves spending time in the kitchen — trying new recipes and creating culinary masterpieces,” the description continues.

“Our home also greatly benefits from her interest in interior design and seasonal decor.”

We guess that’s a good thing, as the 26-year-old will probably be spending most of her time performing domestic duties now that she’s married to a Duggar.

Jeremiah and Hannah are soon to become parents! (Photo via Instagram(

But with any luck, she’ll still find time to hone her musical talents.

“She is one of our lead vocalists and skillfully adds her fiddle to our musical selections,” the Wissmanns write.

Hopefully, she and Jeremiah will spend the rest of their lives making beautiful music together.

And hopefully they’ll do it a long way away from Jeremiah’s bonkers parents.


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