Is Drake Really Sliding Into Chantel Everett’s DMs? Here is the Evidence

Reports claim that Drake has been sliding into Chantel Everett’s DMs for most of the year.

Between her bitter divorce from Pedro Jimeno and Drake’s weirdness about Rihanna’s pregnancy, one can see it.

Fans do know Drake as a fan of 90 Day Fiance. He has reached out to other cast members in the past.

But that mean that he’s actually barking up Chantel’s tree? What are his intentions?

Chantel is not crazy about Pedro going to see his family in the Dominican Republic, and she makes it known that she, at the very least, wants him to stand up for her when they inevitably say negative things about her. Pedro is going away for a MONTH. Chantel has real fears that she could lose her marriage.

If the report is to be believed, Drake has been in contact with Chantel Everett since this spring.

That was the same time of year when The Family Chantel was filming. Her marriage was falling apart.

She was miserable. Pedro pushed for a separation. In May, Pedro filed for divorce.

We are certain that Chantel wanted a sympathetic ear at this time.

Her friends and family would qualify … but even if they don’t say “told you so,” it might feel implied.

It is no secret that many in Chantel’s family have … strong feelings about Pedro.

Chantel Meets Shocky
90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? star Chantel meets “shocky” at dinner with her family. Probably best that Pedro did not come along.

Drake is a famous rapper. He is lesser known for his history as an actor.

Many people would find it comforting, even flattering, to chat with someone of his level of fame.

That is true at any time — but especially for someone going through an ugly divorce, and in need of a distraction.

Drake in 2016
Drake looks to be all business in this photo of the beloved artist. It was snapped of him back in 2016.

But … is it true? We have only one “real” report, and it’s not from TMZ or People or Page Six. Or even Deuxmoi.

Neither Chantel nor Drake have commented on this, so it’s not like one of them is making a claim — or denying it.

Chantel does follow Drake on Instagram. Interestingly, he does not appear to be following her back.

Darcey Silva on Season 4

Publicly, Drake follows Darcey Silva on Instagram.

In the past, Caesar Mack described Drake reaching out to him after his time on the show.

We suppose that it’s possible for Caesar to have made that up … but why? If it were false, Drake has had year to deny it.

90 Day: The Single Life Season 3 will include Caesar Mack, who continues to thirst after Ukrainian women specifically. (Photo credit: Discovery Inc)

As for Drake’s intentions, the report claiming that these conversations are taking place covered that.

Allegedly, the conversations are friendly, and Chantel is interested in friendship at the most.

However, the same alleged insider close to Drake predicted that he will get a romantic or sexual relationship out of this eventually.

That’s a little creepy.

But then, Drake has a reputation for being more than a little creepy.

In fact, one of the most common jokes about these alleged DMs is questioning if Chantel (who is several years younger than Drake) is “too old” for him. Because she’s an adult.

Drake and Millie Bobby Brown
Millie Bobbie Brown and Drake have a very close friendship. And millions of fans are profoundly creeped out by it.

Some have speculated that the DMs are really happening … but that it’s not Drake, but a catfish.

That sounds a little hard to believe.

To be clear, it’s not hard to imagine Caesar falling for a catfish (sorry, Caesar). It’s harder to see that from Chantel, especially over so many months.

Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett discuss the tatters of their marriage and what led to their separation.

As we previously noted, for now, we’re viewing this report with skepticism.

It is even possible, some fans speculate, that Chantel or a family member planted this rumor. For what reason? Who knows, honestly.

If Chantel or Drake weighs in, we’ll have stronger thoughts on the alleged DMs. One way or the other.


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