Jenelle Evans Posts Video of Kids’ School Day Routine, Receives Surprising Criticism on Instagram

Jenelle Evans doesn’t have the greatest track record when it comes to telling the truth, so it can be tough to tell what’s going on with her life these days.

Evans’ new manager says that Jenelle and husband David Eason turned down a job at MTV so that they can star on their own reality show on as-yet unnamed network.

Jenelle has been saying stuff like that ever since she got fired from Teen Mom 2, but this time, there might be some truth to the claim.

Jenelle apparently has some sort of TV deal in the works, but for now, she’s keeping the details to herself.

Jenelle Evans Speaks to Fans
Jenelle Evans is front and center here, speaking to her followers about her health concerns. (Photo via Instagram)

It must be an exciting time in the Evans-Eason household.

After all, neither of the parents has been employed since 2019, and now, they might be making their way back into the world of reality TV stardom.

Sure, Jenelle and David have been making money from OnlyFans, but even the most consistent creators will tell you that that world is all about slumps and streaks, and with three mouths to feed, Evans and Eason are probably looking for something a bit more consistent.

Jenelle Evans For OnlyFans
Jenelle Evans advertises her OnlyFans page. (Photo via TikTok)

Jenelle put a lot of effort into advertising her “spicy site” on TikTok and Instagram, but it seems that with a potential return to television on the horizon, she’s trying to project a more wholesome image.

That might explain why she’s currently pivoting to more “family-friendly” content.

A reality show about a mom who’s also a full-time OnlyFans creator sounds interesting to us, but that might be a hard sell to TLC or whatever.

Anyway, Jenelle’s most recent TikTok video is an example of the pivot we’re referring to.

This time, she’s not hinting at any racy content or promoting any subscription sites — instead, she’s sharing her school day morning routine with fans.

“David made the kids some eggs with cheese on it, their favorite,” Evans explained in the video.

Jenelle Evans posted a video in which she shares details of her family’s morning routine. And some fans are not happy with what they saw. (Photo via TikTok)

“I use that leave-in conditioner on Ensley’s hair too because it works really well,” she went on.

Jenelle then dropped the kids off at school, and she and David grabbed some lunch at a restaurant, where he fed her “like a baby.”

Evans tagged the video “#MiniVlog #MomLife.”

Pretty normal stuff, right (well, maybe except for that feeding like a baby part)?

Jenelle has been criticized for sending Ensley to school with wet hair. (Photo via TikTok)

But viewers had a very specific complaint about Evans’ latest TikTok offering.

“Soo she sends Ensley to school with hair THAT wet? Wtf,” one critic wrote on Reddit.

“The look on Ensley’s face makes me feel uncomfortable,” another added.

“Her body language, really stiff, I dunno if I’m reading into it but it’s making my alarm bells go off,” a third chimed in.

Ensley heads off to school with wet hair. (Photo via TikTok)

Hmmm. The wet hair complaint might be legit, but the stuff about the kid’s body language might be an example of digging too deep.

Kids just make weird faces and stuff all the time.

This is another one of those occasions on which we’ll remind you that there’s a lot to dunk on when it comes to Jenelle and David.

So you can probably go ahead and refrain from any insults regarding their kids or appearances.


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