Jennette McCurdy Recalls Mandatory Showers With Brother, Genital Exams by Abusive Mother

On this week’s chilling episode of Red Table Talk, Jennette McCurdy read a hateful email from her late mother.

But one email of her mom calling her “evil” while body-shaming and disowning her (and asking for money) was just a small piece of Jennette’s trauma.

Until she was nearly an adult, Jennette was unable to shower alone. Her mother showered her, subjecting her to abusive genital exams.

Jennette was not the only victim. In her book and on Red Table Talk, she opened up about her mother forcing her to shower with her teenage brother.

Jennette McCurdy spoke frankly about the horrors of her childhood with an abusive mother while promoting her book on Red Table Talk. (Image via Facebook)

Long before publishing I’m Glad My Mom Died, Jennette McCurdy had shared her story of childhood sexual abuse.

In her memoir, she elaborated about why she dreaded shower time.

Her mother’s excuse, aside from “checking” her breasts and genitals for “cancer,” was to properly condition her hair.

“Mom showers me with Scotty sometimes,” Jennette read aloud from her book on Red Table Talk.

“He’s almost 16 at this point,” she specified.

Jennette herself was only 11 at the time.

Jennette McCurdy may be retired from acting, but she retains her sense of the dramatic in a number of Instagram photos.

“I get really embarrassed when she showers us together,” Jennette read aloud. “I can tell he does too.”

“We usually just look away from each other,” she clarified.

Jennette described how Scotty would “distract himself by drawing Pokemon on the fogged glass.”

Jennette McCurdy wears orange and strikes a pose in this in-your-face Instagram photo.

“When she showers us together, Mom says it’s because she’s got too much to do,” Jennette explained.

“Scotty asked if he could shower himself on his own once,” she shared.

Jennette recalled: Mom sobbed and said that she didn’t want him to grow up so he never asked again after that.”

Jennette McCurdy documented some semi-casual late-night burger runs in Instagram photos.

“Whether or not Scott’s there with me, Mom gives me a breast and ‘front butt’ exam,” Jennette read.

That odd and childish euphemism “is what she calls my private parts.”

The memoir adds: “She says she wants to make sure I don’t have any mysterious lumps or bumps because those could be cancer.”

Jennette McCurdy wore this timeless look, appropriate for a stylish model or a lazy hobbit, in this Instagram pic.

“I say OK, because I definitely don’t want cancer,” Jennette wrote.

“And,” she continued, “since Mom’s had it and all, she would know if I do.”

Jennette did share with Jada, Willow, and Adrienne that she is “so close” with her brothers now, as adults.

Obviously, all of this is hard to hear. For most, even fellow abuse survivors, it’s difficult to imagine.

In the episode, we can see how shocking this is for Willow in particular. Sometimes, people from loving homes have the hardest time understanding how monstrous a parent can be.

We are glad that Jennette has found ways to cope and heal as an adult. As always, we wish her the very best.


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