Karine Martins Accuses Paul Staehle of Rape, Abuse

In an interview this summer, Paul Staehle shared that Karine Martins had accused him of human trafficking.

Karine has not said this publicly. In fact, she has been careful to avoid commenting directly on their ugly split.

Newly unveiled court documents, however, reveal the horrific scope of her accusations against Paul.

Paul alleged abused and raped her. And an appeals court that reviewed the evidence just upheld her protective order.

Paul Staehle Reveals Karine Martins Baby Bump
90 Day Fiance star Paul Staehle poses beside his on-again, off-again wife, Karine Martins, her baby bump, their baby Pierre Staehle, Paul’s two dogs, and Paul’s mother.

In December of 2021, Karine Martins took out a restraining order against Paul Staehle.

Paul retaliated, filing two petitions for emergency protection against his estranged wife.

They were already in the process of divorce.

Paul Staehle forces a hug upon Karine

Now, the Kentucky Court of Appeals has upheld Karine’s restraining order.

The decision is now public, enabling Starcasm to get a hold of the documents.

We must warn you that the allegations against Paul are very upsetting. Not necessarily surprising, but disturbing.

He feels like Karine is being unfair (and we will say that occupying a household’s only bathroom for hours is not great). But we also only hear his side of things. Generally, when someone locks themselves in a bathroom, they’re desperately trying to get a little peace or process intense emotions. We only have Paul’s word that this is “mood swings,” for whatever that’s worth.

In the court filing, Karine accused Paul of forcing her “to have sexual intercourse without her consent multiple times.”

Allegedly, he recorded at least some of these incidents and even shared them online.

“[Karine] also claimed that [Paul] engaged in other abusive behaviors,” the documents continue.

Paul tries and fails to talk to her before declaring that it’s “too hot for this s–t.” Here’s some advice: if a loved one wants some alone time, give them the space that they need. Especially if it’s just for a few minutes.

These were behaviors “including threatening to sell her into prostitution.”

“And,” the documents add, “threatening to have her deported.”

We recall just a couple of years ago, when Karine and a friend reported to police that Paul had locked away her documentation, including her green card.

It sounds like he mispronounces what they are, but we are too distracted by the garbage bag windows. Like … she’s spent weeks trapped in this single room with garbage bags on the windows??? Dude, it would cost like one Cameo video’s payout to get some blackout curtains so that Karine can live like a human being.

As you can imagine, 90 Day Fiance of course comes up in the case.

“According to the record, [Karine] came to America to take part in the ’90 Day Fiance’ television show,” the court filing reads.

The documents continue: “or one of its spin-offs, on which both parties appeared.”

Paul does not have a key to his mother’s house, which he resents, but he has an old car with stuff locked in the trunk — it’s been locked up since he went to Brazil. Paul awkwardly shows the old, old car to Karine. Seriously, I’m no car expert, and this could have picked me up from preschool.

In January, at the hearing for the initial petition for a protective order, Karine shared more with the court.

She accused Paul of penetrating her with a plastic object.

He allegedly did not stop despite “her crying and asking him to stop.”

Karine & Paul Staehle: Police, CPS Called After 90 Fiance Stars' MASSIVE Fight

Karine also alleged that Paul would give her alcohol and pills in order “to facilitate his abuse.”

Paul countered in court by saying that their home is under too much surveillance for this to have happened.

He also alleged that “much of what they did was acting or drama for the cameras.” That’s … quite the claim.

Paul and Karine Staehle
This (in)famous 90 Day Fiance couple is in the process of moving, and it is a huge milestone.

The Kentucky Court of Appeals “found by a preponderance of the evidence that [Paul] committed acts of domestic violence against [Karine].”

“And,” the court continued, “that such acts may occur again.”

The circuit court agreed that Karine’s claims of domestic violence were “credible.”

Karine and Paul
Karine and Paul of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days have had a number of relationship issues.

So the restraining order remains in effect, despite his appeal.

Paul remains legally enjoined from contacting Karine for three years.

Additionally, Paul is not permitted to own a firearm. This is a standard precaution against DV escalation.

Some 90 Day Fiance fans have questions, particularly concerning the “leaked” videos from last year.

One of Paul’s infamous security recordings appeared to show Karine abusing Paul, pulling his hair, in their home.

Some believe that she was the abuser. Others wonder if she was defending herself. Without context, the video is not very helpful.

Karine Staehle - (Paul has a hard time getting a job) because of his criminal record

And, of course, the video’s release onto the internet is suspicious in and of itself.

But we must also take into account that Karine is not the first woman to have accused Paul of being a danger. She is also not the first woman to flee from Paul.

Paul’s criminal history goes beyond one “little” arson incident. It seems likely that the court has taken, or will take, that into account when making decisions about Karine’s safety.

The revelations from the appeals court decision really put other things into perspective.

First, they may explain why CPS was immediately so concerned when they were initially unable to find Pierre.

And second, this could explain why family court was reluctant to place Pierre and Ethan with any of Paul’s relatives.


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