Khloe Kardashian Shares What It’s Really Like Being a Mother of Two

On August 5, Khloe Kardashian welcomed Baby #2 with cheating ex Tristan Thompson.

This child was no accident. They conceived him via gestational carrier.

Unfortunately, they did so just weeks before the world learned of Tristan’s latest lovechild. Such a messy business.

Now, Khloe is opening up about her baby boy and what it’s like to be a mother of two under the circumstances.

Ostensibly, Khloe Kardashian spoke to Elle because she’s obsessed with the color pink.

As interested as she may feel in discussing her clothing brand, people feel considerably more interested in her life.

Khloe’s life is endless drama. While she is not to blame for Tristan’s cheating, her decisions still led to a lot of this.

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In her interview, Khloe discussed why she embraces being the mother to a newborn and to 4-year-old True.

“I know it’s cliché, but I love everything, even the hard parts,” she expressed.

“[My kids] challenge me as a person,” Khloe praised.

“And,” Khloe continued, “being able to shape little people into really incredible big people is an honor and a gift.”

That is certainly true, though this particular gift takes a tremendous amount of time and energy.

It is, as we are sure that Khloe is aware, more feasible to be a parent when you have virtually limitless resources to ease the burden.

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Khloe also expounded upon the importance of parenting. The internet is a more dangerous place than it was in decades past.

“We have to take those roles seriously, especially in today’s day and age,” she emphasized.

Khloe remarked “with how much accessibility children have and the information they’re exposed to so young.”

Khloe With True
Khloe Kardashian loves to share pics of her adorable daughter on social media. But she can do without the unsolicited parenting advice from fans!

Obviously, that problems worsens in families where young children use YouTube without supervision.

It’s not just YouTube, either. And there are added layers of peril for the children of celebrities.

Remember when Kim’s son nearly saw something about her sex tape in Roblox?

Kim With North and Saint
Kim Kardashian is being accused of photoshopping a pic of her 6-year-old daughter, North. Instagram users believe Kim artificially “slimmed down” the girl.

“It’s super scary,” Khlow expressed.

“But,” she emphasized, “I take my job very seriously.”

Khloe then added: “I love it so much.”

Khloe of course addressed the color pink, also, citing her daughter’s obsession.

True is “a pink girl, through and through” she said.

Khloe then joked that her 4-year-old is “very on trend,” which is a statement that makes some of us want to take a nap.

Tristan Thompson instagram –

Obviously, Khloe avoided some pretty major topics of discussion. That is no surprise.

After all, she and her entire family are likely saving a lot of surprises for Season 2 of The Kardashians and even for later seasons.

That is how their family business works. That is how it has always worked. We will likely learn much more on Hulu than we will in any interviews in the near future.


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