Kim Kardashian Gushes Over Pete Davidson: They Don’t Make Men Like Him Anymore!

Right now, Kim Kardashian is ready to start dating again.

She’s hot. Obviously, she could have almost anyone she wants.

The only real obstacle is Kanye West’s alarming behavior at seeing his ex-wife date other people.

But while Kim examines her prospects, she still has plenty of positives to say about Pete.

Despite some major resistance from Kim’s ex-husband Kanye West, she and Pete enjoyed a blissful nine months together before parting ways in August of 2022. (Photo via Instagram)

Last month, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson went their separate ways.

By all accounts, the split was perfectly amicable.

Before the breakup, Kim spoke with Interview magazine and sang Pete’s praises.

Pete and Kim’s relationship was short, but intense. (Getty)

“He’s a cutie,” Kim observed of the 28-year-old hottie.

Don’t worry — she had more to say about Pete than his looks or BDE.

“He’s literally such a good person,” she appraised.

“They don’t really make them like him anymore,” Kim quipped about Pete.

She and Pete are both busy professionals with multiple projects in the works.

At the time of the interview, Kim noted: “I’m excited for what he has coming up.”

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian on a Date
YUM! Pete Davidson appears to be taking a bite out of Kim Kardashian in this photo of the couple.

Obviously, people seldom speak of each other in exactly the same way before and after a breakup.

However, since everything that we have heard suggests that the split was without drama … this could be an exception.

Kim might rephrase a few things, but the spirit of how she sees Pete would likely remain intact.

As for the breakup itself, reports say that the two of them were just on different schedules.

“Hollywood marriages” and relationships are notorious for splits, but not without reason.

Two people working ordinary 9-to-5 jobs won’t have the same problems as someone who has to go film in Australia for a fortnight.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson on Instagram
Here it is! The very first photo Kim Kardashian shared of boyfriend Pete Davidson on Instagram.

Were there other factors behind their breakup? Probably.

For one thing, Kim just got out of a lengthy and extremely toxic marriage.

Pete was likely meant to be a hookup, to sate her curiosity. It lasted for the better part of a year. But jumping into a new long-term relationship likely wasn’t ideal for Kim.

Hello There, Wife
Kanye West stares daggers here at his wife while the two pose on the red carpet of the MET Gala.

Speaking of Kim’s still-too-recent toxic marriage, Kanye had to be another factor.

Even weeks after the breakup, he continues to actively terrorize Kim, her family, and Pete.

Ye’s latest rant included the accusation that Pete is a “pawn” sent to bait him into committing crimes.

We won’t speculate into what sorts of crimes Kanye imagined that Pete intended to trick him into committing.

In real life, we know that Pete dated Kim because they’re both hot and famous and have great chemistry.

Kanye’s meltdowns over the romance were his own doing. Both because he is a bad person and because he sadly refuses to seek treatment for his mental health.


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