Larissa Lima Announces New Job, Eye-Popping New Uniform

Larissa Lima finally secured green card approval this year. She also made about $1 million on OnlyFans.

On the flip side, Larissa’s surgeon effectively stole her bellybutton during a botched abdominoplasty.

Now, the 90 Day Fiance legend is back.

And she has a brand new job!

On Thursday, September 1, Larissa Lima took to social media to show off the latest iteration of her torso.

“I’m back lovers!” she announced.

“Slowly recovering,” Larissa shared, “and very happy with the results by Doctor Smith.”

Larissa Lima flaunts her enhanced body in an eye-popping turquoise dress. Green is definitely her color! One of them, anyway.

“Don’t complain about my outfit,” Larissa asked.

She explained that “soon I’ll be working as a bottle girl in the night of Las Vegas.”

“So,” Larissa detailed, “this will be my uniform. Any idea where will I be working?”

As you can see, her ex-boyfriend Eric Nichols, who is still her friend and her roommate (he rents a room from her), already gave the post a “like.”

While “bottle girl” may sound like a D-list superhero or perhaps a slur for a genie, it is slang for a bottle service waitress.

The job is essentially a cocktail server at a more expensive establishment. Very few wear uniforms quite like Larissa’s.

Larissa Lima celebrated her successes in a TikTok video.

Larissa lived in Colorado Springs for about one year before she returned to Las Vegas.

Simply put, she hated life in Colorado. She didn’t mesh with the city’s vibe. Her seasonal depression got very bad.

Also, every time that she tried to go on a date, the guy wanted to go hiking. Nightmare fodder.

On the positive side, she continued to rake in the dough on OnlyFans and Cameo.

In fact, Larissa shared the she made about a grand total of $1 million on OnlyFans.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that she has that kind of cash. She reinvested a small fortune into surgeries, into the outfits, and more.

Larissa Lima wore this barely-there cobalt outfit. Is it swimwear? Is it lingerie? Your guess is as good as ours.

It’s unclear if taking this job as a bottle girl is out of necessity. Our guess is … probably not.

A more likely scenario is that she received an offer that was too good to pass up.

We should also mention that Larissa can be pretty outgoing. Yes, she likes to stay in and play Elden Ring, but she is also a fun person and has a way with people.

Larissa Lima Shows Off on Instagram
90 Day Fiance legend Larissa Lima showed off her augmented bust on Instagram in a hard-to-miss photo.

Larissa has spent a couple of years altering her body using cosmetic surgeries.

Most conspicuously, she has undergone multiple breast enhancements to reach her current proportions.

However, her abdominoplasty hit a serious snag. She lost her entire navel.

Simply put, it is a horror story. But her bellybutton now appears to be whole.

We are happy that Larissa has been able to find her way in life.

As we all watched on 90 Day Fiance, her journey in America had a rough start.


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