Nick Cannon Roasted Over Baby #10 Announcement: His Junk Doesn’t Rest!

Long before Nick Cannon was expecting Baby #10, he was a running joke. And not the flattering kind.

None of us are shaming the entertainer for living his best life. But a lot of people feel concern about how his serial impregnations impact his partners and children.

Others just think that it’s kind of funny.

Some of the women closest to Cannon are cracking jokes about his junk working overtime.

Nick Cannon at a Screening
Nick Cannon attends a screening here of King Of The Dancehall at the 28th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Film.

During Sunday Night’s VMAs, Wild ‘N Out‘s Justina Valentine was very blunt about Nick Cannon’s nonstop baby-making.

“One thing about Nick,” she told The New York Post. “He doesn’t vacation.”

Justina continued jokingly: “And neither does his junk.”

She was responding to a question about whether Cannon would need to open a daycare center purely for his own offspring.

While his progeny range in ages from tweens to not-yet-born, he could admittedly fill a preschool classroom.

Spreading his baby batter around like a party favor is not a new habit, though he does seem to have doubled down recently.

Nick Cannon and Brittany Bell posed for an elaborate maternity shoot to celebrate their third child together, his tenth child overall.

Just last week, Cannon revealed that he and Brittany Bell are expecting yet another child together.

They already share 5-year-old Golden and 1-year-old Powerful.

Yes, those are their actual human names.

Nick Cannon and Brittany Bell posed for an elaborate maternity shoot, including costume changes and more, for their third child together. This will be his tenth.

Justina did not stop there, but continued with the puns.

“He’s a hard-working man, across the board,” she quipped.

That was certainly a pun. An easy one, but we can appreciate it.

Nick Cannon on a Red Carpet
Nick Cannon poses here on a red carpet. He shares twins with singer Mariah Carey.

She is not the first woman in Cannon’s orbit to have a laugh over his compulsive seed-sowing.

Cannon and Abby De La Rosa welcomed twins, Zion and Zillion, in June of last year.

She is also pregnant with his baby. Yes, that is their third child together.

Nick Cannon and Pregnant Bre Tiesi
Nick Cannon poses happily with pregnant model Bre Tiesi, who is carrying his eighth child, at their party venue.

De La Rosa joked earlier this year that Cannon’s offspring are “Gen C” and will soon take over for the Kardashians.

Unfortunately, we can imagine the reality TV potential behind that kind of premise.

That said, it’s unclear if networks would go for it if it’s not all of the Cannonlings. Would Mariah Carey let her kids go for it?

Nick Cannon in a Pink Turban

There have also been jokes about birthrates.

Namely, American Millennials are having fewer children, primarily due to extreme economic hardships and the general state of the world.

There’s a “spiders georg” joke in there about Nick Cannon being an outlier who is inappropriately raising the statistical average.

Nick Cannon is Trying to Clean Up His Image

Of course, Nick isn’t always in on the jokes.

Recently, ignominious billionaire Elon Musk joked that his own serial impregnations were countering “falling birthrates.”

While Cannon chimed in that he was also doing this, some speculated that Musk was referring to white birthrates. Gross!


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