Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 3 Trailer: Lies, Wounds and Jen Shah’s Guilty Plea

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is about to make a comeback with Season 3.

Of course, Jen Shah’s surprise guilty plea is part of her storyline.

But she has more than that going on, and so do the other Housewives — returning cast members and new faces alike.

Check out the trailer below. The new season’s premiere date is only weeks away!

Before we get into the trailer itself, let’s talk about the cast.

Lisa Barlow, Heather Gay, Meredith Marks, Whitney Rose, and of course Jen Shah are back.

While we seem to be down one cult leader, some Friend roles go to Danna Bui-Negrete, Angie Harrington, and Angie Katsanevas.

Meredith Marks on WWHL (01 of 02) 30 January 2022

We’re not sure what kind of monster casts two Friends with the same name on the same season.

Probably the same pranksters who paired Lisa Rinna and Lisa Vanderpump.

When Season 3 premiere on September 28, the whole group will be in for a chaotic mess.

Jen Shah11

First up, Jen is still on the show because her legal drama is a hot topic.

She is now pointing the finger squarely at Stuart Smith, her former assistant.

When Bravo filmed this, Stuart had pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud … but Jen had not.

“I got played by Stuart Smith,” Jen insists to her castmates during the trailer.

She then claims: “I would not be in this thing at all if it wasn’t for Stuart.”

But she is not the only one commenting on her case.

Elsewhere in the trailer, we see Danna telling the beautiful Whitney Rose that there’s a mole.

“Someone I know was working for Jen,” Danna claims, “and now he’s an informant.”

Then, of course, comes Jen’s abrupt change of plea. She pleaded guilty, blindsiding friends who were there to support her.

Lisa Barlow and Meredith Marks Discuss Mary Cosby, Her Sketchy Church

Meanwhile, Meredith stirs the pot by spreading a weird rumor about Lisa.

“I just heard that she was doing favors to help get places to pick up Vida Tequila,” she announces.

Whitney relays this to the rest of the cast, prompting a furious Lisa to demand “Are you crazy?!”

Lisa Barlow Screams at Meredith Marks: You're a Liar and a TERRIBLE Friend!!

Heather is grappling with strained family bonds.

Why? Because of her book, Bad Mormon.

While she deals with that, Whitney opens about childhood trauma and abuse.

Speaking of which, the trailer shows Heather sporting a nasty facial injury, including a painful looking black eye.

“Heather, you look like somebody clocked you,” Lisa says with concern.

“Well, maybe somebody did,” Heather replies … though trailers often rob these conversations of proper context.

As you can see from the trailer, there is even more, including issues with the Housewives’ marriages and families.

On Wednesday, September 28, we will get to watch it all begin to unfold.

And if you need to catch up, Bravo finally added Season 2 to Peacock.


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