Rebecca Parrott Tearfully Returns to US Without Zied Hakimi

It has been a hot minute since Rebecca Parrott was on our screens.

The 90 Day Fiance cast member has been polarizing at times, with some fans going back and forth about her.

But her marriage to Zied Hakimi, with the two seemingly getting their happily ever after, won over many critics.

But late last month, Rebecca had to return to the US after a trip to Tunisia. And she had to leave Zied behind.

On Wednesday night of last week, Rebecca Parrott gave her Instagram followers an update.

Following their visit to Tunisia, it was time for them to head home.

Rebecca expressed that she felt “emotional” and was actively trying to avoid crying.

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Parting with Zied’s friends and family was a challenge.

Even so, Rebecca felt excited to return home.

Soon, however, she provided a distressing update.

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“Going home without Zied,” she revealed to her fans and followers.

Her heartbreak emoji made it clear that this was not planned, even to those who had not caught her previous post.

“Didn’t see this coming at all,” Rebecca confessed in the caption of her post.

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Rebecca shared a video, which we have for you below, which she recorded in Germany.

She was on a layover in the country as part of her return trip.

Zied was not with her.

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“They wouldn’t let him on the plane,” Rebecca shared grimly.

Her frustration growing more and more palpable, she explained that he needed a “freakin’ visa for a two-hour layover in Canada.”

Rebecca could not wait to catch a more direct flight with her husband.

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She needed to return home for work, with her time off being at an end.

Rebecca also needed to return to their house for basic upkeep. They were in Tunisia for a very long time.

They had planned to be away for exactly as long as their vacation was meant to last. This clearly threw them for a loop.

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Rebecca obviously became emotional as the video went on.

Sometimes, saying something aloud is harder to discuss. Brains are funny that way.

She became visibly tearful. Uncertainty is a difficult thing, and travel is stressful even under the best conditions.

After everything, she is afraid that Zied will get cold feet. (Also, her hairstyle changes during her camera time, so clearly she provided commentary in multiple takes on multiple days)

You can watch Rebecca’s heartbreaking video for yourself here.

Thus far, she has yet to provide an update — with good news or bad news. Neither has Zied.

Perhaps they are waiting for the dust to settle before they make an announcement. Or maybe Zied’s wait is longer than planned.

Meanwhile, fans and commenters poured in with sympathy, well wishes, and even some advice.

Fellow franchise star Tania Maduro expressed confusion, as she was under the believe that green card holders were allowed to enter Canada.

However, we do not have all of the information at the moment. There may be some nuance to Zied’s documentation that we do not know. Perhaps that is what tripped up Rebecca, also.


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