Seeking Sister Wife Shocker: Roberta Breaks Up with the Merrifields! By Text!

Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 is over.

For Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield, however?

The pain is only just beginning.

Throughout the past several episodes of this TLC reality series, the Merrifields had been trying to woo a woman named Roberta, even visiting her in her native country of Brazil in order to convince her to move to Colorado and join their household.

On a recent installment, Merrifield slept with Roberta and was then given assurance that she wanted to join his polygamous family.

But then Roberta stopped following the Merrifields on social media… and then this past Monday night’s season finale hit the air.

The episode opened with Dannielle recorded of herself crying uncontrollably after she learned Roberta was NOT coming to the United States after all.

Not even after she and Garrick sent her $10,000.

‘She lied,” Danielle said between sobs. “How could she? I don’t understand! She said she was my sister!”

Danielle went on to emphasize that Roberta “never loved” her, waiting and screaming: “I knew it, I knew it!”

Later on the finale, the Marrifields read the text Roberta sent them, as she explained how uncomfortable she was with Garrick having kissed yet another woman, Lea, and how it turned her off that the polygamists were seeking multiple new wives.

“I promised that I would get there, even after everything on the trip. I tried. I tried a lot,” Roberta allegedly wrote, referring to the Garrick and Danielle flying down to Brazil.

The text continued as follows:

“I can’t feel the same as before. Everything that took me by surprise. I was left feeling excluded, feeling like nothing.

“It was so humiliating for me all asking how I was feeling, finding out that Garrick and Lea went beyond just conversation and dinner.”

Indeed, Garrick kissed this Lea woman while simultaneously trying to talk Roberta into joining his household.

“After that day, I kept thinking that everything we had that was most beautiful, special, and pure has broken a piece and is hurting too much,” Roberta went on.

“Maybe for you it may seem like something easy to go through, but here we have another culture. I’m going to pray, shower, try to get some sleep.

“My head is hurting a lot since yesterday. I’m sorry we’re all sad.”

Garrick also claimed to be crushed by this development.

“I guess I don’t believe it,” he said, adding that he felt as if he were Roberta… so the breakup text felt like a spiritual divorce for him.

In a subsequent scene, Dannielle and Garrick were seen taking Dannielle’s stuff out of the special “Sister Room” she and Roberta were going to share.

“I got divorced for her and she won’t even come here?” Dannielle says to producers while bawling again.

“She won’t even face us after three-and-a-half years.”

Did she ever plan to uproot her life and come on board with the Merrifields?

Dannielle’s mom doesn’t think so.

“She scammed you guys,” this parent said on the finale, while Danielle’s brother, Sam, agreed.

“You’re the type of people scammers look for. People that care and want to help people and stuff,” he said.

Yup. And also people that are ignorant enough to just wire someone money who they barely know.


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