Snooki Shares Rare Photo of Husband Jionni LaValle, Receives Brutal Response From Fans

On a recent episode of Jersey Shore, the cast ganged up on Angelina Pivarnick for concealing certain details of her personal life.

It’s a common issue among reality show co-stars, which makes sense.

After all, if everyone is getting paid equally for sharing their lives on camera, shouldn’t they be required to share roughly the same amount?

But on social media, viewers didn’t care for Shore stars’ argument, and many of them pointed out that Snooki has been keeping important aspects of her home life under wraps for years.

Jionni LaValle with Snooki
What a cute family. Snooki poses here with her husband, Jionni LaValle, and their two kids. (Photo via Instagram)

Specifically, Snooki’s husband, Jionni LaValle, has steered clear of the cameras since 2018.

On Twitter, Shore fans were quick to call out the hypocrisy.

“Where is your husband?? [Because] we’re missing that WHOLE part of your life,” one person tweeted.

Snooki, Jionni LaValle Picture
Snooki’s husband Jionni LaValle no longer appears on Jersey Shore. (Photo via Instagram)

Snooki is generally not one to concern herself with criticism from the haters, but on this occasion, she felt the need to explain herself.

“He has severe anxiety and hates being [in front] of [the] camera,” Snooks tweeted.

“He never liked it. He hardly lets me post pictures. It’s a mental health issue that I respect and choose not to push him to be on camera. But please, proceed to be nasty about it. It’s fine. Good day, ma’am.”

Her explanation jibes with what she and Jionni have been saying about the situation for years.

“Hey guys, I’m going to visit this subject one time and one time only,” LaValle wrote on Instagram in 2018, after he stepped away from Shore for good.

Snooki's Birthday Party
Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi and Jionni Lavalle before he stepped away from the public eye. (Photo via Instagram).

“My wife is filming a scene packing up and leaving for her new show and I AM CHOOSING TO NOT be on TV because I simply DO NOT like it,” he further explained.

Despite the couple’s assurances, many fans have jumped to the conclusion that Snooki and Jionni’s marriage is in trouble.

Possibly in response to those rumors, Snooks posted a rare photo of herself with Jionni over the long holiday weekend.

Snooki posted a photo of herself with husband Jionni LaValle over the weekend. Fans had been under the impression that the two had called it quits. (Photo via Instagram)

“You’re no picnic, alright?!” Snooki captioned the post.

“You’re a spoiled little brat even. Under that, you’re the most amazing, astounding, wonderful boy … man that I’ve ever known. #illneverletgo”

Now, that caption might be cause for concern on its own, but Snooks proceeded to provide some context:

“(It’s a Titanic quote, slores. Watch it. What a sin),” she wrote.

Snooki and Jionni LaValle have been married since 2014. But Jionni has steered clear of the spotlight for most of that time. (Photo via Instagram)

It’s somewhat surprising that Jionni returned to social media at all, given what a harsh response he received when Snooki posted the photo above back in May.

“Dang he exploded,” one commenter wrote.

“HOLY SH*T Jionni picked up all the weight that Snooki lost,” another added.

“He needs to lose some fucking weight wth lol snooki is probably cheating on him constantly lol like she has been since the beginning lol,” a third chimed in.

Snooki and Jionni Go Bowling
Snooki and Jionni enjoy a date night. (Photo via Instagram)

Thankfully, Snooki still has far more fans than detractors.

“All you guys hating on her man are wack!!!! I look at snooki being even more of a loyal ass b!+ch holding her man down no matter what he looks like!!!” wrote one such supporter.

Hopefully, Jionni will be able to rise above all this hate from random internet strangers!


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