Tammy Slaton Then and Now: See Her Shocking Weight Loss!

Let’s be clear right up front:

Tammy Slaton still has a long way to go.

The 1000-lb Sisters star still has not qualified the gastric bypass surgery, as she remains in rehab and continues her weight loss journey.

But let’s also be clear about something else: Slaton has come a VERY long way.

Tammy rose to fame specifically because she was SO overweight. But this wasn’t good for her health. At all.

As you can see above, Tammy was well over 600 pounds when we first met her.

She ran into major trouble last year when ,dduring the season 3 finale, Tammy’s brother, Chris, revealed his sibling was brought to the hospital because she couldn’t breathe one day after entering a food addiction rehab.

The TLC star was placed on a ventilator and put into a medially induced coma.

Scary, scary, SCARY stuff.

Prior to her most recent medical scare, Tammy was hospitalized in November 2021 due to carbon monoxide poisoning, “which led to pneumonia, and I was septic,” she said in a TikTok video at the time.

“They’re just telling us that her lungs have given up, and like, her body is shutting down,” Tammy’s sister, Amanda said, adding that the family was “facing making funeral arrangements” for Tammy.

Yes, it was that bad.

After the reality TV star woke up, she was given a tracheotomy, which means a breathing tube was inserted in to her throat.

Thankfully, Tammy was able to return to rehab after spending three weeks in the hospital.

In early 2022, Tammy entered rehab. She remained there for many months, supposedly losing over 100 pounds in the process.

There was a silver lining to this development as well.

“She’s lost 100 [pounds] — I think she told me 115 pounds in total — in 30 days,” he told cameras during the aforementioned finale, adding:

“I’m overjoyed that’s she’s ready to get on this train and start rolling down the tracks.”

Tammy has been sharing a number of selfies from inside her rehab facility. This one is from February 20, 2022.

Tammy later updated followers via TikTok in February 2022 that she was still residing at the food addiction rehab facility after this medical emergency.

She plans on staying at the Ohio rehab facility through summer.

After that?

It sounds very much like 1000-lb Sisters Season 4 is on the way.

Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton
Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton star on 1000-lb Sisters. Here they are in a promotional photo.

Until then… plenty of fans are cheering her on.

“Give updates on your weight loss! You look so much better, girl. So glad to see you looking and feeling better … Keep it up,” one person commented via TikTok.

Added another: “Continue being motivated! You got this!!”

And then yet another jumped in as follows:

“You are looking so great, Tammy. I’m so proud of you, girl!”


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