The secret to identifying our own style

Executive Contributor | Lifestyle | Jane Vandermeer

The innate power and impact of colour

So, we live in this age of information overload. We can more or less find any information we need somewhere, if we are prepared to look. Of course there is that massive distraction of the vortex of socials. You know, you start looking at one thing, one question and end up completely distracted. Completely forgotten what you started looking for.

Yes, there are the automated courses, workshops etc. They are brilliant. They have a place. However we are still a number. We move through the system or program. 

However there is a gap. Capturing our uniqueness. Our quirks. Our humanness. 

That blend of ‘fitting in’ yet standing out. Being seen. Being heard. Truly heard.

I think that there is such power in our individuality. How can our uniqueness be embraced? Our nuances. You know, those elements that make us completely unique.

Truly taking the time. Asking the questions. Sincerely listening to the answers. Reading between the lines. What is not being said?

This is the art. These are the elements and qualities that differentiate us. We are multi-dimensional. Our identities are a tangle of connections to activities, places, interests, values & aspirations.

I am interviewed often. Many ask me to give a ‘must have list’ or ‘what should we wear this season’ my answer is always the same. It really doesn’t matter what is ‘in or not’ this season. Yes, I am across it. Yes, I am aware.

However what I wholeheartedly believe, teach and share is that it is much more important to truly understand yourself. Rather than needing ‘a little black dress’ this season. If I advise a ‘must have list’ we will all end up in the same ‘uniform’ As a result many of us will have the outfit ‘wear us’ rather than the other way around. There will also be a number of us who will feel like we are in ‘dress ups’ As the outfit won’t be congruent with who we truly are. You can’t put us each in the same box.

Looking at a screen of 20 women attending an online workshop. We are a beautiful blend of colours, ages, backgrounds, perspectives. With such a varied level of needs, lifestyles, requirements, aspirations, goals, values and budgets. For one woman a $200 jacket is the top of her budget and the next $1,000 is.

The secret to identifying our own style is finding and wearing clothes that speak to our souls and lift our spirits, not just what we have been told suits our bodies.

A long time ago, I made the decision to challenge the stereotypes about women, especially midlife women and instead of being part of the problem, choosing to be part of the solution. By developing a personal styling business that would empower midlife women to become highly visible.

So sweeping statements don’t work!

Now, we seek leaders who are authentic, trustworthy, and unafraid to embrace their uniqueness. The cookie-cutter approach is no longer enough—individuality is the new power move.

When I was a teenager, Mum took me to be ‘colour analysed’ Which I loved. Learning more about myself. Understanding myself.

However the ‘system’ back then was very simplistic. 


🍁 Autumn/Fall


🌷 Spring

Good in theory. However I felt that with my array of colourings. None were quite right. I fell through the cracks. I became my own guinea pig….or muse. (sounds much nicer)

Fast forward a few years. I kept researching. Learning. Creating. (Studied a Fashion Design Degree as well as an Image Consultancy Course in there too)

I realised that I needed to create my own system. One that took into account the nuances of our colourings. Creating and finessing a new system. A new way forward.

💎After much time spent refining these concepts. The Finesse system has 12 colour categories or palettes.

💎To cater for your individuality. Your uniqueness. Exactly the way that you are. 

💎Working WITH your colourings. Your hair. Your makeup selections. Your clothing choices. 

💎As I often say to clients ‘My aim is that you could get dressed in the dark & it will all work together and look amazing’

Creating and refining your very own unique ‘blue print’ styling palette.

Then there is comfort. One of the first questions I ask women. On a scale of 1-10 where does comfort sit for you? from a fashion perspective?

That’s a whole other article……

Warm regards


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